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Royce Lingerie - Blossom Nursing Bra

Royce Lingerie - Blossom Nursing Bra
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"I love this bra!"

I got this bra around the time my son was born and have certainly got my money's worth! It's so comfy and I really like that it can be worn as a crop top or a bra, I tend to wear it as a crop top over night and as a bra in the day. The fabric is lovely and soft, which has been such a relief in the early days of breastfeeding when I've been a bit sore and lends itself to a great fit. I think it's great value for money and would recommend it to any breastfeeding mum. My only criticism would be that the pull tie to change it from a bra to a crop top can be a bit tricky to tie and occasionally pokes out but other than that I really do love it.

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"Impressively versatile but needs a few tweaks"

The marketing for this all round nursing and pregnancy bra had me almost jumping for joy (no one jumps with nursing boobs... I couldn't possibly have been that excited). Grows with you throughout pregnancy, adapts to 'just fed boob' and 'groaning at the seams they look like implants boobs', changes from sleep bra to day bra. Not only that the polka dot pattern is wonderfully pretty. On arrival, it's a good bra. It has excellent support and genuinely does support your breasts throughout all levels of fullness throughout the feeding cycle. I can also declare that it has fabulous potential as a sports bra. I'm just starting to pound the treadmill again and squeezing leaky breasts into a sports bra is at best a little painful and at worst mastitis waiting to happen. Thank goodness the Royce bra gives support without the extra squeeze-age. There are a couple of tweaks I would like to see made. The first is to make the thread that turns the bra from plunge top worthy to sleep bra a little more user friendly. Nursing mums spend most of their day with a baby on one hip therefore the fiddly knot and bow tying is completely unpractical. It also makes it difficult to get just the right level because bows slip. I also find that once the bra is in its 'I want to wear a lower cut top' mode it starts bending and twisting on the chest band, which makes it a little uncomfortable. However, these are just small tweaks and this is certainly the easiest and most versatile nursing bra I have ever tried. If you are currently at the beginning of your pregnancy then I definitely think it is worth grabbing a couple of these in the knowledge that they will see you through the next year and beyond.

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I give this bra 100% for comfort, however I think it could do with more supoort when feeding as the boob cover just hangs down and the strap seems to go slack. The piece of string in the middle dosnt have much movement as designed but does nip together slightly, so u can wear it as a crop top type bra or a normal bra.

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