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"Surprisingly good!"

As a cloth nappy user on two children I've had a bit of experience using various types of nappy so when these nappies arrived I expected them to be ok but nothing special. I've used a similar type to the real easy and found it difficult to get a good fit and had leaks after one wee but I was pleasantly surprised to find that these lasted in excess of 3 hours even after just one wash! (i was quite keen to test them out so only did one pre wash instead of the recommended two washes). The poppers around the legs make getting a good fit easier and there are plenty of poppers around the front to get a good fit around the top. The designs are really lovely, I particularly like the festival one! The hemp blend makes them super absorbent, I'm tempted to leave one on to see how long it takes to out wee it as so far no leaks! Only downside is that they are a little bit bulkier than other nappies but overall I'm really pleased!

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"Bright, colourful, fun!"

Having never used washable nappies before I was pleasantly surprised by Real Easy nappies. For starters they look great! Bright & colourful with several different designs to choose from, they look much better than the disposable ones that I am used to using. Although you can't use them straight out of the packet (2 washes are recommended to improve the absorbency), they wash really well and can be tumble dried so the preparation doesn't take long. There are several poppers to choose from for fastening the nappy (not safety pins like I was imagining!) so they are easy to put on and it is simple to get a good fit around the legs and the waistband. This, along with the fleece lining meant that we didn't experience any leaks. The main downside to the nappies would be that they seemed fairly bulky (although as I normally use disposable nappies this might be a feature of reusable nappies in general). I felt that I might have to buy bigger trousers for my son if I was to continue to use them. In general I was impressed with the ease of use of these nappies, but if I was to use them long term I think I would invest in some liners to use alongside them.

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"Great Product!"

I was a little sceptical at first about using these nappies, as I have only used disposables before but had nothing to lose so tried them out! Firstly the thing that I noticed was the design and how lightweight they were, really colourful and fun too....my little boy was very excited to get them out of the packaging and to find out what they were. After washing (which it says top do in the instructions) we started to use them, I found them very easy to put on and adjust the sizing with the poppers. Even with the skinny fit trousers my little boy sometimes wears, they still fitted with ease and were not too bulky. He was happy to wear them too as he loved the designs, this is half the battle with a toddler! I found the absorbency good and we didn't have any leaks during our trial of them. If I was to use these on a regular basis going forward I would definitely buy liners. On the whole I think this is a great product and would recommend people to give them a try, I never thought I would use a reusable nappy!

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