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Rainbow Friends - Priddy Books

Rainbow Friends - Priddy Books
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"Great book for babies"

I love this book! It's bright; it's engaging and its a great learning tool. Each page has a bold picture, with bright colours, a sensory element and a hidden object to find. This means that it is perfect for newborns, but also able to grow with the child. All pages are bordered with black and white, which grabs babies attention and draws them into the content of the page. My baby son loves to look at the bight colours and giggles when I stroke his finger over the different textures. It's a great way to introoduce him to the names of the colours he sees and to provide a fun picture to associate with each colour. He can also turn the pages himself as each page has a soft colourful tag attached to help little hands (my son alternates between turning random pages and having a little chew of the tags).

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