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Raa Raa the Noisy Lion - Lots of Raas in the Jungle

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"Nice addition to our collection"

I feel this DVD has made a nice addition to our DVD collection, I am unable to comment on the packaging because as the product was provided to us to test it was supplied in a blank white envelope. The DVD itself in my opinion is very good, although my 2 year old daughter did loose interest after about 35 minutes but I think that is because the episodes are longer than another animated kids cartoon that she is obsessed with but in the time she sat and watched the DVD she didn't take her eyes off it.

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"A bit hit and miss "

Lots of episodes on the DVD which is good the twins enjoyed playing and watching at the same time - a few episodes keep there attention longer than others but overall very good ,very bright and easy to understand . I wouldn't pay full price but might see if they have more on offer !

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This DVD had my 3 year old glued to the TV for about 40mins, she did loose interest after that and switched it off but she said she really enjoyed it and watched the rest a few days later. The bright colours also had my baby turning her head to the TV and kicking her legs! I'm not sure I would buy it at the full price though.

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"hit in our house"

Was delighted to receive this DVD as my 3 year old loves raa raa. This was put on and she say all the way through, this may be because she is 3. I feel if she was any younger she may have got bored due to the length. She sang along to the theme tune. She loves the noises or the animal. I think she likes it due to the bright colours and the screen to. Would buy this is definately. Kept her quiet, she was glued to the screen.

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"Fun and entertaining"

My little girl loves DVDs as we do a lot of long car journeys and she gets to choose what her and her brother watch on the way. Ra-Ra has always been enjoyed if watched on C-beebies and the DVD is a great addition to our collection. My daughter sings along; makes animal noises and laughs all the way through. My son pays attention to it too and tries his hardest to stay awake for it. The bright colours and the simple design of the 'jungle' along with the friendly, cheeky characters, make this a great DVD for babies and toddlers alike.

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