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Queen Cosmetics Sensitive Skin Soap

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"Soap but not as you know it "

Wow. I don't say this lightly but this soap is fab. I generally don't like soaps as they are drying and leave skin feeling tight. Not this one. It smells lovely has a rich lather ( makes it fab for shaving legs ladies!) and left my extremely dry skin feeling very soft and not at all tight. I even used it on my face. My husband loved it and we used it on my two year old daughter. She has patches of dry skin but this product was very gentle. My only gripe is the bar needs to be bigger as we used it for everything. I kept it beside the sink to wash my hands- which have never been softer. The information said it cost five pounds which seems a lot but it has so many uses it is very good value. It had a lovely but very subtle smell- im not a fan of over powering fragrances on cleansing products. I used it for all cleansing and shaving my legs- no cuts and I am accident prone! I think that's down to the lovely creamy lather. I was confident using it on my daughter and her skin was lovely afterwards. Definitely a product we will be purchasing in the future . Thanks guys for introducing this lovely product to my family.

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"Lovely Soap"

I just loved this soap - as did the whole family - it was very luxurious and the simple but effective wrapping would make it a lovely gift - I would not hesitiate in recommending this for the whole family

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"Lovely luxurious soap"

I loved the smell of this soap, it really is lovely. I do suffer from dry skin, and although this soap was better than most other brands, it still left my skin feeling a bit dry. My 12 year old son smelled lovely after using it though, which is unusual!! I will definitely buy for the family. I loved the packaging also!

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"Lovely soap for the whole family"

This soap is fantastic. I dont normally use hand soaps as do find they make my hands quite dry, but this is totally different. Smells lovely, makes hands really smooth ive noticed a big difference. My two girls of 5 and 2 love this as they love the smell (good for children) and they keep saying to me mum my hands are the softest in theirs word. This is a family friendly soap, have already bought some more and have recommended to friends

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"Family loved it"

I must admit to this review being based on my husband and childrens views on this product as by the time I came to use it they had used it all up!!! My husband has quite sensitive skin, especially his face, so he was using it as a shaving foam (yes it is that foamy - as it says in its blurb) and found his face to be less dry and itchy than it was when he was using conventional, sensitive shaving foam. The kids loved it becasue it made their skin all soft after completely covering them in bubbles!! Josh (who's 5) has just learnt to blow bubbles with his hands so I think this could be where most of the soap went because, apparently, it made "awsome bubbles"!!! I, or should I say, they, would recommend it & I am being dispached to buy more - maybe I'll get chance to use this one!!

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