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Pregnancy For Modern Girls by Hollie Smith

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"not your average pregnancy guide "

I must admit I'm not a big book fan let alone pregnancy books as they tend to leave you with more questions than answers. If you're after a pregnancy guide that skips or 'sugar coats' certain topics you'd rather not hear about like labour or embarrassing illnesses caused in pregnancy, then this book is not for you. Reading this book I found it pretty frank, descriptive, true to life and very comical in the way it goes about telling you the ins and outs, ups and downs and dos and don'ts. If you want an honest guide to pregnancy with quotes from other mum's who have experienced the whole thing then I would definately recommend this book. It's not a daunting great big book which suited me and not bad value for money at an rrp £10.99. I must admit I thouroughly enjoyed it and it made me laugh quite alot.

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"Great for first time mums"

As promised, this book is indeed 'the naked truth about pregnancy'. As far as I can see it covers everything you'd want to know and much more! It includes quotes and birth stories from mothers who have been pregnant and given birth, which is a nice touch. It is also written in a friendly, nonsense-free way - unlike many other pregnancy books, which often use lots of medical terms and complicated language without ever telling you what you really want to know! I felt it was aimed directly at first time mums and I would have been glad to have read this during my first pregnancy. However, I wouldn't recommend it to those who have already experienced pregnancy and childbirth (unless it was a long time ago) as it won't tell you much you don't already know! I suppose this could be said of any pregnancy book really. The RRP is £10.99, which I feel is a bit steep for a paperback book... but if you don't mind the price or can find it cheaper then it's definitely worth a read!

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"Holds its own"

I wouldn't pick this bookup in the bookshop as I'm not a pink girly girl and the cover is - most definitely - pink. I'm also not sure how I feel about being a 'modern girl' - am undecided if that title is funky, or patronising. Those things aside, the book is a good basic guide for first timers, although I'm disappointed that it couldn't be more inclusive for those of us with one or more already. It's no nonsense, doesn't overly focus on the glories of being pregnant, and isn't written for medical students or doctors. I think a little more could have been said about the first four to six weeks following pregnancy and the emotional effects of suddenly becoming responsible 24/7 for such a fragile creature - I know I spent the first few weeks glued to the sofa in a bit of a daze. How birth affects partners would also be a good chapter. It was good to read the other mum's experiences scattered throughout the book as it will help people feel more normal and I was appreciative of the chapters covering work, and even sex, as I haven't really noticed those things covered elsewhere before. Overall, the book was easy to read and I read it cover to cover.I can see how it would have a use as a reference book.

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"Would recommend"

I liked this book, as one of the other reviews said, it's not a sugar coated book, it's not a book with dodgy pictures of pregnant women with no dress sense! It tells you how it is without making a first time mum terrified! I liked the fact that the book didn't have one small paragraph on bottle feeding and pages and pages on breast feeding with the normal pictures of fantastically latched on baby when the reality is so different. There was a whole section dedicated to bottle feeding and the reality of breast feeding was clearly shown. I loved the birth stories, I think any pregnant women will read and watch anything on birth that she can get her hands on and this book meets that with real life birth stories! Also covered was the taboo subject of PND, it was dealt with in such a way that you wouldn't feel abnormal if you did have it if you read this book, whereas in other books, it's not even covered. The price is reasonable, the only thing I would like changed is the colour, pink, it's not a modern girls colour in my mind but it's only my opinion. Thanks again, a good read that I've already passed onto a first time preggers mum to be!!

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"my review"

I wish i got this book in my first pregnancy as this is my fourth one and i'd say i am pretty sussed on pregnancy now and was a bit disappointed when i received the book but never the less I read the book and surprisingly i found out stuff I didn't know about even after doing this 3 times previously. She doesn't beat around the bush, she tells you how it is and it is not misleading in anyway. Shes a normal woman and speaks to us although she is our friend not like some of these books where its all so matter of fact and personally thats boring!! Its good to know that other woman are feeling the same as I do. I did laugh a lot through the book. I would reccommend it to other mothers to be as it really will help them throughout their pregnancy. Some people don't like the pink cover but I never thought anything of it when I first received it. In the end up I wasnt disappointed as it was it cheered me up no end even though i realised what i was about to go through again haha!!

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"loads of intresting information"

i thought this book was very helpfull it had alot of things in it that i never new and this is my second pregnacy would of been good to have it for my first one. would highly recommend it to anyone whos pregnant as it has just about everything in it, i had it red in a couple of days and if i have had any problems thru my pregnancy i have went back to the book and looked it up. so it has been well used.

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"Fountain of Knowledge"

When I found out I was pregnant my first thoughts were that of sheer shock and terror. Do not get me wrong I was extremely happy and excited at the thought of starting my own family but with this being my first baby I had no clue of what the next nine months had in store for me. That's where this amazing book came in; I have come to think of Hollie Smith as my new best friend. I must have read this book at least 10 times continuously referring to it as my bible. I love the way it goes through every stage with you, right from you finding out you are pregnant to the day you give birth. I especially love the quotes for all the mums. It is a fun, no nonsense guide to being pregnant and I for one salute you Hollie. Well worth the read.x

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"Love it!!!"

I love this book!!! I had this book when I first found out I was pregnant and it has become my 'bible'. It is written in a non patronising way which gently advises and informs with many a humerous story thrown in which from my perspective is a god send when dealing with the complex world of pregnancy and becoming a mummy for the 1st time!!!! I now have just over 3 weeks until my due date and I have revisited many chapters of this book and have a sneaky idea that I may well do so even with future pregnancies!

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