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Pourty Potty

Pourty Potty
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"Fab - especially for small bottoms!"

We have been attempting potty training with my son and hadn't been having much success to date. He's 32months old. He is small for his age and we found part of the problem was he just didnt like to sit on a potty as his bum falls in, so because it was uncomfortable, he hasn't wanted to sit on one. The Pourty Potty arrived much to my delight as it was very nicely timed! It is a nice sturdy potty and made of strong plastic that doesn't feel flimsy in the slightest. To my delight my son has actually taken to sitting on it. The hole is not a big round one so his bum doesn't fall in it. The plastic is smooth so comfy and so he is more than happy to sit on it whilst watching tv! A breakthrough for us. It has a duct at the back so any urine can be poured out into the toilet with ease. It's easy to clean, there is nothing but positives for this potty from us! It also seems to be wide enough at the front so that boys can wee easily (we had tried a friends potty that seemed small to sit on, but then his bits would get trapped at the front). I initially would have been put off at the price - RRP £9.99 but it would have definitely been worth it. We aren't quite there with potty training yet but the fact its the first time he's not screamed and cried at sitting on a potty speaks volumes to me. Well worth purchasing! Many thanks for sending me this!

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"Brilliant item"

The pourty potty is a fab potty, when it arrived Jack could'nt wait to get it out the box. We had been trying for a bit to get him potty trained and he was doing really well at being dry in the day, but when the new potty arrived he thought it was great and would only use the new potty and things have been great ever since, not one accident (fingers crossed)!! The Pourty Potty is a really sturdy item and was really good at disposing of the contents in it , as it has a pouring spout at the back that didnt drip either. Would definatly recommend this product to you

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