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Plum Baby Stage 1

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"Interesting idea"

I like the Plum pouches - they are really easy and convenient to carry around and use out and about as they take up less room than conventional jars and save on using a bowl when out and about too. They do work out very slightly more expensive than some jars of food, but they are good quality. Theo is 6 months old and seemed to really enjoy both the parsnip, pea and pear flavour and the banana and mango flavour - he had his mouth open ready for each spoonful which is a great sign that he was enjoying his lunch. The texture of the food itself was just right - not too runny to be able to use easily and not too thick either. The colour of the parsnip, pea and pear flavour looked a little bit off-putting to me to start off with, but then i considered the fact that it was probably because no artificial colours and preservatives had been added to the food so really it is quite reassuring. The only thing I was uncertain of was, as with all ready made baby food, the portion size that I should be giving my baby - it's not clear whether he should be eating all of the pouch or not. That's really for me to research though rather than a problem with the product - but perhaps some indication would be helpful. I will definitely use the Plum pouches again.

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"Useful and Yummy"

The plum pouches are very handy - especially when I am out as they take up little space. The consistency is great as well. Bo is nearly 6 months and loves all three flavours we were sent to try - constantly opening her mouth for the next mouthful (often before I'm even ready). She would happily eat a whole pouch in a sitting if I let her, and the Mango & Banana flavour is great for mixing with her porridge in the morning! I also think it's great that there is nothing artificial about them, but then they are not alone in that when it comes to baby food now as almost all baby food is organic and free from colours and preservatives. The conventional jars are cheaper, and although they may not often offer the exciting and exotic flavours that Plum are offering, they are often on specials, where you can buy 10 for £5. Having said that, I will continue to use the Plum pouches for when I am not in the house - but at nearly double the price when you can find the specials on offer, it is difficult to justify as an every day product. In terms of appearance, I would have to say that it wouldn't jump out at me from the shelves - but now that I know it's there I will continue to keep an eye out for it!

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"handy but a bit expensive"

These pouches are really handy when we have to go out and about, they're not bulky like jars so don't take much space in the bag and are easy to reseal if I needed to. To be honest they didn't look the most appetising but have a good consistency, they are extra smooth which I found good when mixing the fruit pouch in to cereals/porridge to give extra flavour and perk up breakfast, and my daughter loved the flavours and was sat with her mouth open waiting for the next spoonful to go in!! The only down side to this product is that the price is more than other products on the market, which is off putting when the others nowadays offer very similar benefits eg being organic, nutritious, suitable for vegetarians.

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We find these fantastic to use when out and about as well as a quick alternative when at home. I usually make all my own food but these are so easy when you are out as the little pouch can be resealed and it doesn't take up too much room in the changing bag. It is also good to know that there is nothing artificial in these either. My daughter loved these and was very eager to scoof the lot if i let her. They pouch in our case was enough to do 2 lots of meals at this early stage. Very handy and i will definitely be using these again.

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"Convenient option when out"

The Plum pouches are really useful, especially when not eating at home. I usually make all my baby's food but have found these great as a quick and convenient alternative or for any meals not at home. The pouches are very easy to open and easy to reseal, which is great, as one pouch is too big for one portion of food. I also like the fact that they are not too bulky or heavy so fit into a bag easily. My son has loved all of the stage 1 pouches I have given him and I will definitely be buying more Plum products in the future.

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"Makes Life a lot easier"

I can not praise these enough. As a mum of 8month old Twins and a 2year old they are so handy and easy to use when out and about. The twins love them and equally so does the 2 year old. The resealable packs make them a cleaner and more versatile option for feeding / drinking when yor out and enabled us to make going out a lot less of a chore. I even have found my mum buying them up to keep in stock when the kids are with her. The only issue I have with these is the price. They are a littel expensive for what you get but I have already bought these again in store and when the next offer is on then I will be buying them by the box load. The flavours and ingredients are all very tasty and as of yet I have not found a flavour that my kids wont take. Overall these are a great product and very easy to use. I would highly recommend these to anyone who is wanting to make life a lot simplier and care free when going out and about.

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The Plum pouches are very easy to use – very transportable, and fab when you are on the move. What I particularly love is that the pouches easily slip into a changing bag, or handbag for an 'emergency'. This is real plus point – that fact the pouches can be kept in the car/in my buggy / in my swimming bag and at Granny's house neatly in her cupboard in case my daughter is peckish and wants something to eat. Plus, being fruit and veg based, I know she is getting something healthy. The pouches are easy to warm up in a cup of hot water which is ideal for when you are out and about and go to a café. Having decided to use a baby led approach to weaning, as opposed to purely puree fed, I still feel Plum pouches are absolutely fantastic. My daughter loves these, and it is sometimes not appropriate to let my little one loose on food in public places. She loves these pouches and gets very excited when she sees them and she enjoys sucking the pouches as well as using a spoon to eat them. I have also spread the pouches on toast, rice cakes, and used them as a 'dip' for veg sticks, bread sticks and toast soldiers! The fruit pouches are also lovely mixed in natural yogurt and make a nice alternative to some of the commercial baby yogurts on the market. There are a nice variety of flavours, and we have used fruit based, vegetable based and 'breakfast' based pouches. The packaging on these are fab – they are easy to store neatly in the cupboard and use less space than convention pots, and are also more 'hardwearing' to keep in your bag, as opposed to glass jars/yogurt type fruity pots. Plum pouches are my choice of pouches as they are organic, and have no nasties included, as well as being very tasty! I would recommend these, and have done to some of my mummy friends.

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"Really handy"

My little one wasn't to keen on the vegetable ones on there own but mixed with something else he loved it but the fruit ones went down a treat he couldn't get enough. They are great for all ages and really handy when out and about i would recommend them.

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"great item"

Well my little man did not like food and I was giving up, then I am across plum in the shop. I love the mixture of different veg and wanted to give it a go, well he loved it! They are great value for money, in great flavours and taste great too not like other baby food that is runny and boring. Plum are great for traveling and take up little room. Give them a go today and see a happy baby

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