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Phil and Ted E3

Phil and Ted E3
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The Phil and Teds E3 stroller is one of the best double strollers around. It fits two children so you don't need to have separate strollers for each child. This is perfect for families with two young ones who need to be seated while you go about on your daily outings.

The E3 has a stacked design which allows it to have a smaller width than other double strollers that seat the children side by side. This way you don't have to struggle to fit through doorways or narrow pathways. Its wheels are tough and suitable for any type of terrain so you can walk your little ones wherever you want.

Phil and Teds E3 stroller can be set up in multiple different ways so if you only need the stroller to fit one then you don't have to set up the Double Kit. The extra space at the bottom of the stroller can be used as storage space.

While it may be on the heavier side, the stroller is sturdy and easy to set up. It also folds up nicely so you can take it away with you and use it when you travel. The front wheels of the E3 buggy can pivot, which makes it easy to steer through tight areas. The different setup options make the E3 stroller suitable for newborns through to toddlers so you can use it for years as your children grow.

The Phil and Teds E3 stroller is an excellent stroller on its own, but the Double Kit makes it the ideal choice for families with more than one young child. Its easy manoeuvrability, stacked design and sturdy build makes it worth every penny.

Main Features:

  • Has a foot brake
  • Multiple setups
  • Fits two babies
  • Narrow width to make it easy to steer through tight spots

What we like

  • Stacked design: The E3 stroller's stacked design makes it easier to push through narrow, tighter spaces than other double strollers can.

  • Multiple setup options: You can set up the stroller in different ways depending on your needs. You can use it as a single or double stroller.

What we dislike

  • Expensive: The base unit alone is quite pricey, but with all of its setup styles and accessories, you can get a lot of use out of the stroller.

  • No latch to keep it folded: There is nothing to keep the stroller shut when folded up so it can unfold slightly when you transport it.

Customer Reviews

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"Versatile but not everything"

I have a Phil & Teds e3 with the double kit. You have to allow extra time every time you go out with it because everyone stops to talk about it! It is definitely easy to push one handed, narrow for all aisles, doors etc, and light for a double. But I still can't get used to my little one being low and behind, not seeing much nor being seen and talked to! Also, his head falls to the side when he falls asleep, but if I move him and reconfigure the pram (ie lay pram flat and move toddler seat to top) he wakes up. I can't lay him flat before he falls asleep because he doesn't like being so closed in and complains. It's also hard to get him into the back seat. Totally love the single for my toddler who weighs 20 kg aged 2. He is also tall, yet nowhere near growing out of it yet.

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"The BEST double pram for different age gaps."

I have had a few different double prams so when I found out I was expecting when Hannah was 4mths old, first thought was 'blimey how did that happen' second was'arghh I hate side by side prams'. Anyways we bought the side by side but within 2 days I wanted to throw it in the tip, wouldnt fit through my front door etc so I convinced my husband I had read up on a few prams and the Phil and Teds E3 was what we desperately needed. I have a 12mth gap between my girls and I LOVE the phil and teds. It is easy to push one handed which means I can still hold my 3yr olds hand while the girls are in the pram. It can be used as a single on the rare occasion I only have one of the children, and I am constantly being stopped for people to pass comment on the pram and how fantastic it is. With tons of extras to go with it this really is an all around pram, from walking on the beach to popping to the shops this pram covers it all. The only slight gripe I have is that when Chloe sits in the back seat, if she falls asleep her neck can have a tendancy to slump forwards, I have however heard this has been amended with a reclining toddler seat in the more recent sport version. Unfortunately I cant convince my husband we need the newer model...lol

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"Just love it"

My 2 yr old isnt the best walker in the world so when we found out we were having another we started looking for double buggies. My initial thought to this buggy was I didnt like the thought of the child underneath but I'm glad I had a play with one. I fell in love with it straight away it's a single buggy and double buggy in one so when i only have the baby i can use the same buggy as when I have them both. I opted for the sport version so the extra seat reclines which is definately benefical. Both my kids seem to love it and it has been fantastic. A few bad points however the closing isnt too easy dont like the tag that holds it and need to squish it shut not so good on rainy days trying to colapse it i end up resting it on my foot to do it as not to scuff the buggy handle or buggy. All in all tho I would highly recommend just wish we had it first time round to get more use out of it.

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"Not all its cracked up to be"

I bought one of these when i found out i was pregnant but when i got it i couldn't help feel that its not much for the money. I was only able to use it a few times as my youngest was too young for the doubles seat but didn't like lying in the cocoon all the time so i had to sell it to buy something more suitable. Good for twin toddlers maybe but i would not use for a newborn as you will have about 4-5 months when you cannot use it.

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"I love my Phil and ted"

I got this pram after my second child was born, there is a two year gap between her and her elder brother, and loved it. I have the sports version so that the second seat does have a slight recline on it, but don't lets kid ourselves it is only a couple of inches at most. When in the baby and toddler formation some people (ie my husband) find it hard to get the baby out of the lower section, so I have found that the soft cocoon to be really useful for the first couple of months. ALso the baby isn't meant to go in the lower seat (when in two toddler formation) until they are six months old, by which time I think that they would be getting bored just lying down, not being able to see anything. So I moved her before this stage. When it two toddler formation the lower childs feet are in the basket and if you hang bags on the handles you a swinging bag can hit the lower childs head, so if you need extra room you have to get the paniers, but then the pram is so wide that you lose the benefit of the narrow pram. The folding can be quite stiff and I am the only one of my family who can do it. Out of the accessories. The Hang Bag - Love love love, this is like a bum bag with hangs on the handles with has a largish zipped pocket and space for two cups, use it every day. Coccoon - Only useful for a couple of months, for a summer baby you could easily do without. Sleeping bag - Useful but expensive, I like the way that it can also go round the head like a mummy sleeping bag. Buggy Bunny - This is a seat liner, it costs about ten pounds to buy and if I say it isn't even on the pram I think that explains how useless I think it is. Paniers - Useful extra space, but make the pram wide and if you down do them up properly each time the straps get court it the wheels, use only if going to buy a lot of stuff. I now have three children and have the pram out again and like the way that I can change the formation while out for a walk so my eldest two can ride when they get tired while I carry the baby in a sling.

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"best buy"

I have the sport version and I recommend it highly. I live in central London and it is so easy to get about with it. I looked at loads double prams and buggies when my second daughter was born, I have a 14 months gap. Some of them are so big, I live up 50 stairs with no lift and the staircase is narrow. The Phil & Ted bounces up and down with not too much effort, the large wheels make it easier. I brought the cocoon for my little girl to go in and it was easy to get her in and out and just pop the second seat on the front and away you go. It steers with ease, bumps up and down curbs with no problems. I find no difference in the steering when the second child is in the buggy. If you live in a busy city and need to get a bout with ease this is you buggy.

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"Worst Pushchair I Have Ever Bought"

When I fell pregnant with my 2nd child I instantly started looking for a pushchair. I loved the idea and look of the phil & teds and so went for the E3. Worst purchase ever. It was fine with one child but add a 2nd and it become heavy and very hard to control. I would not recommend this pushchair. If your older child is old enough get a buggy board!

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