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Peepo My Pregnancy Countdown Calendar & Keepsake

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"Informative and a lovely keepsake"

1.How easy is it to use? Very easy. It was packaged well. Comes in nice envelope, opens up to full length and can be hung on a door or wall. 2.Does it do what it's supposed to? Yes, it provides week by week baby info, tells me how the baby is developing over each trimester. Scan pictures can be stuck on. Bump photos can be also be stuck on. There is also a window to peel for each bump picture to write your own diary entry. Also has a height chart for when baby is here and baby growth diary. 3.Is it value for money - Would you buy it at its normal retail price? Its RRP will be between £14.99 and £17.99.. I would pay £14.99 for it. 4.Appearance - How does it look? Good quality card and nice lilac colour. Good print quality. 5.Do you (or your child - baby) like it? Its really for mummy to be, I like it. 6.Does it have any negatives or bad points? There is a lot of info written onto it. I like the amount of info but for others I can see they think its information overkill.

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"Interesting and different product"

This product is aimed at mummy's to be, through from conception until baby is about 5 months. It's in the style of a Christmas advent calendar, where you open a new window for every week of your pregnancy. As this isn't my first pregnancy, I'm not as surprised reading about my baby's development, however each window is very informative. I think this product is perfect for all my family. My children are excited to open a window every week, and read about the development. They've taken a real shine to the product and its been hung in our kitchen for all to see. There are blank spaces on the calendar to add your baby's birth details and 4 weekly progress updates, there is also space to add bump photos. The RRP of this is between £14.99-£17.99 however, I would only pay maximum £10. It is made of cardboard and I think can be easily damaged. The photos have to be self attached, with glue or Sellotape, which I think can look messy. They're should be plastic sleeves to place photos.

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"Cute idea as a gift for children"

I was excited to review this product as I love having something to count down the days/weeks to when our beautiful baby arrives. There are a number of things I like about this product but there are certain things that I would personally change. Pros:- Bright Well-written and informative I enjoyed opening the windows with my husband each week Cons:- It wouldn't stick to the wall using the sucker provided so I would have had to stick it to a door or window, or put a nail in our wall. The product was quite big - I think it would work better if the product was one page per trimester with a ringbinder type fixing at the top. This would mean you could flip the page at the end of each trimester, adding to the excitement! There isn't much room to personalise it with information from my own pregnancy.......it is a beautiful item but without the room for me to make my own observations/comments it becomes more of a generic advent calendar type item rather than a beautiful keepsake from our pregnancy. It would benefit from plastic windows to put the photos in as I think it could look messy if stuck on with tape. I think this item is nice for first-time parents, but may benefit from some tweaks. It took up too much room on our wall in the current format (our flat is small!). The RRP is £14.99 - 17.99. I personally am not sure about this price and think I would pay no more than £10.

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"not worth the money"

The countdown calender retails for around £14.99. I found the information very nice but the calender was poorly made, the windows were hard to open which made it look scruffy. Probably not something I would buy or recommend to another mum to be. Very over priced product.

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