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Pearl Drops have been developing and improving their teeth whitening formula for 50 years so that everyone and anyone can have an affordable way to lighten their teeth a shade or two. They have a whole range of teeth whitening products so you can choose which one works the best for you and makes your smile shine bright!

Professional teeth whitening can be extremely expensive so the Pearl Drops Teeth Whitening Range is perfect if you want to lighten your teeth without spending excessive amounts of money!

You can use the product in the comfort of your own home and simply add it to your daily routine. The Pearl Drops range works effectively to whiten your teeth and some of their products will start to show results after only three days!

The Pearl Drops Teeth Whitening formula works to remove stains from your teeth without causing any damage or making your teeth feel sensitive like some professional teeth whitening may do. This is because the formula is milder, but that doesn't mean it's any less effective.

Pearl Drops products contain liquid calcium, which helps to repair the natural surfaces of your teeth so that you can have a healthy and bright smile.

There are a number of different products in the Pearl Drops Teeth Whitening range that have more specific effects so you can find the perfect product to suit your teeth. There is an Activated Charcoal toothpaste, a low abrasion toothpaste with 90% natural origin ingredients, a Luminous White tooth polish and an overnight whitening serum, just to name a few.

If you're looking for a gentle and affordable teeth whitening method then be sure to give the Pearl Drops range a try.

Main Features

  • Multiple products in the range with different formulas to suit different needs
  • Gentle formula that helps to repair the natural surface of the tooth
  • Removes stains and plaque What We Like

What we like

  • Easy to use: The Pearl Drops Whitening toothpastes are easy to incorporate into your daily routine of brushing your teeth.

  • Affordable: The range is inexpensive and widely available so you don't have to seek out an expensive teeth whitening service to help lighten your teeth a couple of shades.

What we dislike

  • Can take time to see results: Depending on which specific product in the range you are using, it may take up to two weeks to start seeing results.

Customer Reviews

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"Great Product!!"

Fantastic product, Mouth feels very clean and fresh after use. Already starting to see difference in whiteness.

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"Enhance your smile"

Great product and results which can be seen nothing over the top but visible results all the same . Be careful if you have any " crowns ' as these will remain the same colour and so you may find as it stands out as your natural teeth become whiter with use of the Pearl Drops . With this product I do feel as there will be a point where it no long improves the colour but will maintain the whiter colour it has achieved

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"clean feeling"

I have been using Pearl Drops ultimate whitening 4d toothpaste for three weeks now and can honestly say I have noticed a difference already in the whiteness of my teeth. Pearl drops have a scale on the side of the box so you can clearly see how much your teeth have whitened over the course of using the product, I think mine have gone up a shade in three weeks. The thing I love the most about this product has to be the clean feeling it leaves with you after using, it lasts most of the day and often has me running my tongue over the front of my teeth like those cheesy toothpaste adverts. I highly recommend this product and for £4.99, a fraction of the cost of professional tooth whitening you cant go wrong.

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"No to whitening, yes to squeaky clean!"

I've always used Sensodyne (out of habit and good results) I have even using the Pearl Drops twice a day for 3 weeks now and can honestly say my teeth feel smooth and shiny and very clean. It has a very fresh minty taste also which enhances the paste. I wouldn't say the paste specifically whitened my own teeth but I do have fairly white ones anyway! Would I continue using this paste? Probably not. Although I would recommend it, I feel I can get more for my money using another brand.

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I have noticed that my teeth have whitened by a shade or two since switching toothpaste however I have stopped drinking tea and coffee due to severe morning sickness, so don't know how big a difference I would have seen if still drinking these. The paste itself has a lovely strong minty flavour which leaves your teeth feeling fresh and clean afterwards.

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"great product"

I have used the toothpolish for 3 weeks, and can definitely notice a difference. I have even had a few comments about how white my teeth are! The paste has a really nice fresh mint taste, and left my mouth feeling really clean. I'm going to continue using the tooth polish and have recommended it to a friend who pays to have her teeth whitened. Great product.

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"Surprisingly fresh"

This isn't a product I'd normally be interested in, because I've never been worried about the colour of my teeth. I usually buy a family toothpaste, so I wasn't sure about trying this. The product did surprise me by leaving my mouth feeling very fresh and clean, and my teeth felt shiny. I noticed a difference in whiteness the first time I used it (hard to say how many shades difference), but I didn't notice much change beyond that over a period of a few weeks. I probably wouldn't buy this again, but I'm not the target market, it not being something I was worried by before. I think it is rather expensive as well.

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"not all it promises"

My daughter used this toothpaste religiously as stated on the tube and did not get even half of the promised results. We are quite experienced in the field of tooth whitening toothpastes and can state there are better products on the market for cheaper price that get more noticeable results. As for the taste of the toothpaste, it is rather too mild for my liking (of course this is just personnal preference)and did not leave my mouth feeling as fresh as i would have liked. This product would have been fine is advertised as a normal family toothpaste but i feel it does not live up to its claims and is priced too highly.

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"Good product"

I like this product a lot and think it did whiten my teeth. It has a slight gritty texture which differentiates it from a toothpaste. However, I would have preferred a stronger minty flavour.

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"not amazing"

I decided to give this product a try but to be honest and not ecstatic with the results. First of all I was confused as to whether to use instead of my normal toothpaste or alongside it and could not find the answer to this in the instructions. I used the whole bottle before deciding on what to write in my review and I don't think I will be buying it again. I did notice a shade or 2 difference in the colour of my teeth and for the price I guess this would be all I should be hoping for. Wish there was some cheap miracle answer but sadly there is not. I'd say for the low price it is probably worth buying if you want to only go a little whiter for a smoker like myself not a great choice.

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"does what it says on the tin!"

I've been using Pearl Drops for the last few weeks and it has left my teeth feeling fresh and clean. It has a slight minty flavour which I like as I hate overpowering toothpaste flavours. It comes in a box with a tooth colour chart to help you see if there has been any change to your tooth colour, after 3 weeks i'd say my tooth colour had changed by 1 or 2 shades. It's a little pricey compared to other toothpastes but it does do a good job

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"Makes teeth noticably whiter"

A very good product, that left my mouth feeling very clean and minty fresh. My teeth were noticably whiter after using it for a few weeks. It is more expensive than regular toothpaste, but I think it is worth the extra cost.

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"Minty fresh!!"

I have been using this for a few weeks now and can see a slight change in colour. My teeth always feel nice and clean after using and it's not too overpowering on it's "mintyness". Overall a good product!

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"love it"

Amazing results, great value for money would recommend for ppl who drink tea and smokers make teeth shine brilliant white.

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"Nice product"

Absolutely love the taste and the way your teeth feel after you use the product. I can notice a difference in the colour of my teeth and think that they have lightened by at least 2 shades. I have very sensitive teeth so was apprehensive about using this toothpaste however I have had no problems with using it. The flavour is good too and I'm intending on buying the product to continue using it.

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"Fresh and minty"

Used this toothpaste for the recommended 3 weeks, and can report a slight difference in the whiteness of my teeth. It's not quite the promised 4 shades but a definite one and two in good lighting. I did however like the feel of my teeth, especially in the morning. The toothpaste left my teeth feeling really smooth and that's a feeling that actually lasted overnight. I was a bit dubious to begin with as it is a much thinner paste than I usually use but it certainly does the job. That also affects how much is used which I feel makes it fairly good value for money. After 3 weeks at twice a day I think there's still about a weeks worth in there. I found the taste to be just right on the minty scale and left my mouth feeling fresh even after several hours. On the whole I would recommend this toothpaste, definitely cheaper and easier than a trip to the dentist.

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"Great whitening toothpaste "

This whitening toothpaste felt really fresh to use.My teeth went a shade lighter in 3 weeks. Only bad thing about it was I found the tube was very hard to squeeze the toothpaste out. Also it was hard to tell how much was left.

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"great product"

Having tried a few different whitening toothpastes with poor results I didn't hold out much hope for this but I was pleasantly surprised. I drink a lot of coffee and coke so my teeth are badly stained, however I have definitely seen an improvement from using pearl drops. It tastes nice and doesn't have overly abrasive texture like some others I have tried. Only criticism it that it is a tad pricey.

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"Not fully sold on this...."

I have used this toothpaste for 3 weeks now instead of my normal one. I liked the taste and after brushing my teeth felt nice and clean. After the first week I noticed no difference in the colour. By the end of week three my partner suggested my teeth were looking slightly whiter. I would recommend this to people who would like to maintain their colour, if white already, but as my teeth weren't yellow in the first place I cannot state if this product improves colour visabily. I guess it's good value for money considering how much dental treatment is. My teeth definately feel clean and shiny.

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"Not as good as I'd hoped"

I was very curious to try this product. First of all the whiteness gauge. I have to admit I didn't really find this matched up to the actual colour for my teeth and as a result had to 'guesstimate' what colour I thought my teeth were, which was a bit annoying. On using the toothpaste I found that a little went a long way, which made me feel it was pretty good value for money. It was also pleasant to use and had a nice flavour. I found the toothpaste to be thinner in consistency than regular toothpaste. This didn't really bother me but as a result it seemed to seep into more nooks and crannies in my electric toothbrush. I obviously always clean my toothbrush after every use and I have never had a problem previously. However, near to the end of the three week period I noticed a bit of a smell, at the time I was at a friends house and thought they had some mould somewhere. It was only when I noticed the smell back at home I inspected my toothbrush more closely to find there was some green gunk in the little hole below my toothbrush head (Oral B brush). I managed to get this clean but would warn anyone to keep an eye on all parts of their toothbrush! Reckon as long as you do this there wouldn't be a problem. At the end of Pearl Drops recommend three weeks I checked my teeth against the gauge and..... nothing. Nope, I couldn't see a difference. Would I use this toothpaste again? Probably not. I'd be happy enough to use the rest of the bottle as the flouride levels are good (1,300 ppm F) and it still does the job of being a toothpaste (always useful!) but for me that is where the good job ends! I do drink herbal teas (usually two a day) and do drink the odd coffee (maybe one a day) so maybe this could explain why it didn't work for me? I wouldn't dissuade anyone from using this product ,as whilst it didn't work for me it may work for them. However, I would advise them to not get their hopes up! Pearl Drops Ultimate Whitening 4D Toothpaste is available from Boots and all major supermarkets and chemists for a RRP of £4.99 for 50ml.

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