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OXO transitions cup

The Soft Spout Sippy Cup has a unique, almond-shaped spout that opens easily as soon as your little one's lips touch it, and is specially designed to make it an easy transition from bottles or breast feeding. The sturdy cap covers the silicone spout to keep it clean in diaper bags, and prevents leaking.

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OXO transitions cup

Customer Reviews

"Great all round product"

I have tried many cups/beakers/bottles etc to try and get my son to drink water with no luck until I tried the OXO transition cup. He took to it instantly and learnt to hold it himself quickly too. He loves the soft teat on his sore teething gums and drinks so much more water than I could ever get him to before. Would highly recommend this product as it was such a hit with my son and as it can adapt it will be used for a long time as it grows with him. It's easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. The only negative is the amount of 'backwash' but I think this happens in most beakers but is more obvious in this clear bottle!

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"Excellent quality, practical product "

I am really impressed with this cup, it functions in two ways: with a spout for initial weaning and then changes into a cup for sipping. My son isn't old enough for sipping out of a cup yet so I can't comment on ease of use with the cup lip, but even if it was just a spouted beaker it is a fantastic product. It is much nicer quality than the plasticky beakers I had to buy my first son. It is marked clearly so I can see how much water my son has drunk, it is clear like glass which I find looks nicer and cleaner and the spout is easy to clean and very soft. The lid also screws on easily, which saves spending time trying to match it up with the shape of the bottle and the handles, and the handles are giant which is fantastic for my 5 month old to cling onto while he drinks. I am very impressed with this cup and will make sure it isn't going to end up under the sofa like most of my first sons beakers!!

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"Brilliant for all stages of weaning "

I had tried many cups before this one and struggled particularly with the soft spouts as my little girl tended to bite on them and the drinks would spill everywhere, but not with this design. I love that it covers so many different stages and the quality means it actually lasts through them! I also found the measurements really helpful for milk when transitioning from a bottle. A lot of cups don't have that. Overall, really good product

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"Great beaker"

The packaging was extremely easy to open and the colour of the lid etc was really nice. The beaker was easy to take apart to clean and my little one found it easy to drink from. There was the unavoidable backwash but the teat was really soft and he actually drinks a lot more water from it. The only negative for me was the size so I couldn't use it to replace bottles as my little one drinks more milk that it would hold which is a shame. Excellent quality and really pleased with it.

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