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OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

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OXO Tot Roll Up Bib

Customer Reviews

"OMG I love this bib!"

This isn't a phrase I regularly use: OMG! Always on the search for a bib that will help my son wean (baby led), they all seem to have something wrong with them. All plastic ones are too rigid and uncomfortable. All silicone/rubber ones still seem to get in the way somehow. But this OXO bib is the solution in my mind. It has been put to the test with my 8-month old messy eater, who likes to 'dumpster dive' into the pouch when there's nothing left in his bowl! It has a great roll-up feature which is brilliant for eating on the go, as tested on a picnic today. Simple Velcro at the side of the neck rather than the back. I would have preferred this to be the slightly softer baby-friendly Velcro but it's not too bad. Nice colours available and it looks modern while still functional. The fabric part of the bib sat flat against my son's chest and didn't get in the way when he was eating. The silicone pouch stayed open and in the right place so that food dropped neatly into it. Definitely good value for money. Sturdy, flexible and washes well (machine washable). Anything that makes mealtimes easier is a winner with me. I want to buy half a dozen more!

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"Cannot be without it, love it."

The OXO Tot bib is great and I love it. Before I got this bib I was going through a bib at every meal time which is rather annoying especially when they take time to dry. This bib is waterproof and can be wiped clean after every meal time and is ready to use by the next. The Velcro on the neck is very strong and a good length so can be tightened quite well so no water or food goes into the neck creases, a problem I was always having! The bit that catches food is a great size so most food that misses my little one's mouth ends up in there which means less cleaning of the highchair and floor. The fact that it rolls up quite small and can be tucked in to my changing bag is a added bonus. Overall I love this bib and since I have got it I haven't actually used any other bibs. It was definitely money well spent.

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"Better than most"

Really useful and easy to transport, just wish there was more choice when it comes to colour X

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"Very impressed "

I love this bib! It's very handy and rolls up neatly. Easy to take around with you. I have a 9 month old daughter and it catches all the food that would usually end up in her lap at dinner time! Making dinner time a lot cleaner. It is very easy to clean! You can just use a sponge and soapy water and the dirt comes right off. I think my daughter likes it too as, it's the only bib she doesn't rip off! All in all, I'm very impressed with it.

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