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Organix Multigrain Mini Cereal Puffs - Stage 2

Organix Multigrain Mini Cereal Puffs - Stage 2
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"Good cereal"

My wee boy is 8 months old and has a cows milk protein allergy. I find it very hard to get cereals that are suitable for him. I have gave him this cereal which is every easy to make up with easy to follow instructions, and he really enjoyed it. It seemed to keep him going until mid day from morning. The cereal is a bit expensive for the size of the box, compared to what I had paid for the other cereal he has been eating. I would buy this cereal again but wouldn't be giving it to him everyday.

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"Went down a treat"

We had been feeding my little girl a well known adult cereal and decided to try something different. I liked that the instructions were very clear unlike some other baby breakfasts where you just don't know how much to give. Although it wont take long for my 7 month old to need double the amount I'm sure. The size of the pieces was just right for little mouths and she enjoyed the milk with it (we made it with cows milk). She absolutely loved it, cried when we'd finished the bowl. It is a cereal we will have again although I'm not sure it would be for every day as its more than I would normally pay for breakfast cereal.

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"Brilliant idea!"

My daughter still hasn't any teeth through so I'm taking it slowly with lumps and 'chewy bits' so I figured these would be great for her! I let them soak in the milk a little and then we started... She loved them! They are like the well known cereal puffs but smaller and perfect for little mouths, just learning to chew and deal with textures.They smelt great too hehe! I like and trust this brand anyway but the packaging is really eye catching and it's good value for money. (They also crackle and fizz when in the milk and I like that for some reason hehe!) I've been taking a little tub of them out with me sometimes for a quick and easy snack because you just add baby's milk so it's been very easy. My daughter isn't the best 'eater' as she quickly loses concentration and much prefers a bottle so the fact they're fed with the usual milk is great. I can manage to get her to eat a decent amount and I know she enjoys it. Great idea, great variation of a cereal and great value for money. I will continue to buy these for sure!

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"my daughter liked this :)"

All in all I think this is a decent product. Easy to make up, although I expected the consistency to be more sticky but it's actually a little watery I think. Despite that my 9 month old seemed to enjoy it and happily ate it. I was happy with the product, although agree it is possibly a bit overpriced and wouldn't last long as it doesn't look very filling.

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"Not sure"

My son is dairy, egg and soya intolerant, so I was thrilled to find a breakfast cereal he can have. Sadly, I tried him with the cereal 4 times and he just didn't like it. I thought the size of the cereal was excellent for introducing solids, and he has had lumpier food before, so I can only assume he did not like the taste. I also thought the RRP was on the high side, especially with how much my son can eat at 10 months, a box would not last long.

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"Reassuring that they're organic"

This product, quite simply, does what it says. It has simple instructions on how to prepare the cereal puffs (good for anxious mums still getting their head around solids) and while I don't feel the need to feed my baby only organic food, it is nice to know that the ingredients are organic and that the cereal provides a good dose of protein and fibre. My baby seems to like them and I'm happy with the textures provided within the cereal as it allows baby to get used to different mouth-feels of food!

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"Ok value for money"

My little boy (9 months) liked these! they were easy for him to have a good go and I personally think he could probably move onto the 10month+ ones before the recommended age! They were easy to 'make', and are an ok value for money but not the cheapest. All in all, I would recommend these as a starter breakfast for the older aged babies.

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I am unsure about this cereal, I want to like it but I don't. Firstly my little one wasn't a fan, I have tried him with it 3 times for breakfast and he's not been that fussed each time. However that's not to say others won't like it as they may do. That said I think for what it is it's quite pricy too, so it's a no from me I'm afraid:(

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