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Organix Goodies Farm Animal and Alphabet Biscuits

Organix Goodies Farm Animal and Alphabet Biscuits
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"Ok...just a bit hard."

I bought a box for my 12month old and while they tasted ok they were just a bit too hard for him to chew on. He found them difficult to manage and gagged quite a lot on them. Also once they're open they go stale fairly quickly as they're not in individual bags. Won't be purchasing again.

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"My toddler loves them!"

My 18 month old daughter loved these biscuits, they are really handy to take out in the changing bag for her to snack on, she really enjoys them, good amount in each box and each individual bag too, great value for money will definitely buy them for her now.

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"Perfect for little hands"

My 17 month old Daughter really enjoyed these biscuits. We loved the Farm Animal ones as they were a perfect size for her to hold, and the novelty of the animal designs were really fun. The Pigs were her absolute favourite and we got lots of giggles between us making the appropriate noises for all of the shapes. There seemed to be quite a lot of biscuits in the box, and we found they kept really well. I tend to put a few into a little pot and carry them around in her changing bag. The Alphabet biscuits were also a big hit, although they were quite a bit thicker than the animal biscuits, and did not seem as easy to consume. These come in little bags which are brilliant for taking out and about or also eating at home. There are quite a few biscuits in one packet, so they are great for sharing when friends bring their toddlers over, or storing away to consume at a later date. Overall the biscuits were thoroughly enjoyed. I would definitely buy the animal ones for my Daughters current age, as she seemed to prefer these the most. Them seem very reasonably priced for the amount that you get in a box, & I've noticed since that one of the supermarkets has them in a 3 for 2 deal making them even cheaper.

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"Quick and easy snack with a fun design"

These biscuits are really perfect for little hands that usually like to squish all food! The biscuits hold together really well and are a great quick and easy snack. My little girl (16 months) loves the farm animal ones in particular as she likes to identify the animals and make the noises of them! My daughter likes the taste and texture of these biscuits and they are a perfect size. Although these biscuits are more expensive than normal biscuits would be (digestives for example) I think for the fact that they hold together well, are the perfect size for little ones, are entertaining with their shapes and are made with organic ingredients that I certainly recommend them. The only slight downside is that their sugar content is fairly high (on a par with other biscuits not aimed at children, such as digestives). It would be good if there was slightly less sugar in them, but then they might not be so tasty!

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"love these biscuits"

I bought these from Boots on offer and my son loves them! They are nice and small snack size and the animal shapes are easily identifiable. My son currently loves cows so likes to say mooo if I pick a cow out for him. Handy size to pop in a mini storage tub to take out with us and good to keep him going if he is hungry while i make his dinner. I had a little try of one myself and they are so tasty! I ended up buying another box as they were only £1 in Tesco compared to £2.40 in Boots on there own as i know they will be a favourite with my son. Also as they are nice and small I don't have to snap them up like a lot of food because he stuffs most things in his mouth in one go.

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"Can't speak highly enough"

I was a bit dubious with these at first as thought they may have been like previous biscuits similar that I've bought, but my goodness they are the total opposite. For starters the animals are clear and are great for teaching my 16 month old animals. Unlike other biscuits these don't go all that horrible goey way so just crumbs to clean up. Another good thing is they are organic so no crazy E numbers and per 6 biscuits only 2.2 of sugar, compared to others I personally think that's great. £1.40 (on sale just now for £1) from Tesco, so not expensive. Had a taste of them myself and have to admit I did steal some when little one was in bed!

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"Great snack!"

Another excellent item from organix. The snack itself has a pleasant taste (well my kids think so!) and are easy finger food. The animal images are cute and very clear. I found them quite useful to encourage my son to practice identifying animals. It does come as one large box so isn't as convenient as an on the go snack but great at home. Definitely worth the money!

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"Handy, healthy snack"

My one year old enjoyed these biscuits and had to have one in each hand!! The alphabet packets were particularly handy to take out and about and the snacks were relatively clean to eat! My little one is too young to appreciate the different animals but I can imagine that learning animal noises etc would make a fun snack time activity with these! These are the kind of thing that I would pick up if they were on offer although I would say that the price is standard for such baby snacks.

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"Loved them!"

My little girl really enjoyed these as a snack, she liked the different animal shapes and they did not go sticky and messy in little toddler hands! We also tried the alphabet biscuits which were very handy as they were in individual smaller packs. Would definitely buy both types again.

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"Yummy snacks"

These are fantastic snacks not only for my toddler but my older children have also really enjoyed them. I have tasted them and they are a tasty filling snack. We particularly liked the Alphabet box as they contained little snack bags we could take out with us. I will definitely be buying these again and think they are really good value for money. An overall thumbs up from the williams household :-)

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"Great little snacks!"

My 21 month old lg loves these little snacks! They are tasty, filling & provide her with the opportunity to practice her animal sounds. The Alphabet biscuits are great for out & about, as they come in individual bags. As long as you stick to the recommended portion sizes, the sugar content isn't bad either. Great value for money and will definitely be buying these again (for us as well as my lg!).

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