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Organix Goodies Crispy Bars

Customer Reviews

"Excellent!! "

Only arrived today, and my three love them!! The cocoa and orange is Defo their favourite for the twins, and my bigger girl (6) felt left out, so tried the berry and loves it. Very handy to have in the changing bag and I can add to lunch box for when at the childminder. The twins called it choc choc (their word for chocolate), which encouraged them to try it and like it! I will definitely be buying these on my shopping

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"Handy snacks on the go"

I gave my daughter one of these as a treat after nursery (cocoa and orange). Now, my daughter is at that awkward age of wanting something then not wanting something then wanting it again, so we started off well. The bar looks appetising, I even had a little taste myself and it's very tangy, excellent for children who love flavour. My daughter started tucking in happily, so far so good! Until it snapped in half. She no longer wanted a broken bar. There were tears. Even though I fixed it by squashing it back together it still wasn't good enough. Now this isn't a criticism of the bars by my daughter, she does it with bananas too. We go through a lot of these! Luckily, these bars are handy enough to carry on your handbag so I had a spare to give her. She was most impressed with the new intact bar I presented her with and gobbled it all up. I'd call this a success! I like the fact that these bars are natural with no added sugars so I will be buying again to put in her lunchbox (and my handbag in case of accidents!)

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"Not for us!"

My son is a very good eater, in fact I cannot ever fill him so when I tried this I was hopeful could be something else that would be an additional snack. He was excited to try it, asking me to open it for him but unfortunately as soon as he tasted he disliked it. I tried it myself and have to say they were far too sweet. Value for money I would say they are priced well for a snack every so often. Unfortunately neither flavour were a hit for my son.

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"OK but wouldn't buy again"

My son was very excited to try a new snack but tried the Strawberry one and didn't like it so tried the orange one and he didn't mind it but wasn't overly impressed. Sent him to school with these in his lunch box but only a handful of times were they eaten as he prefers a real orange or Strawberry. A really good snack if you have a fussy toddler as they are sweeter to taste.

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"Great snack on the go"

My daughter loves these and they are so handy to carry as it's not messy and filling for her. We always carry some with us and it has saved us when we have been out of the house for longer than planned! Great snack!The only downside is the wrapping as it's not very easy for little ones to push the bar out and she ends up sucking on to it which is a bit messy at times.

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"Good snack, just a bit chewy!"

These bars are super handy to just pop in your bag when you're out and about. They're individually wrapped and come in a box of six. They are quite hard and chewy so my Little One couldn't bite or chew them very well. The orange and chocolate had a very strong orange taste and LO wasn't too keen but he loved the berry flavour. I don't think I would buy again purely for the texture alone but for older children I think they'd be great!

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"Great product"

My daughter really liked these. They are full of flavour and she ate without hesitation. These are great as a handy snack to have in the changing bag and I think would be great for all ages. They're quite hard so I didn't give to my daughter whole (she's only just turned 1) and instead broke in to smaller pieces which she managed perfectly well. What I loved about these is that they're a lot less crumbly than the oaty bars which I find make such a mess. Hardly any was wasted as it didn't crumble in the packet and it certainly didn't crumble in her hand. Delicious taste - Happy baby. No mess - happy mummy!

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"Great snack"

My daughter really enjoyed these bars, especially the berry ones. I struggle to find a snack that she'll enjoy and eat - most of the time she'll take a couple of bites and then just play with the rest, leaving a sticky / crumbly mess everywhere. But these tasty bars were polished off rather quickly, with lots of 'yum yum yum' noises so it's clear my daughter loved them, and they don't crumble like other bars which is a big bonus. Perfect for a snack to keep in the changing bag and eaten on the go as individually wrapped. Both flavours were nice, but the orange was a little strong so I'll probably stick to the berry ones. Great value and we'll definitely be buying again.

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"A good addition to a great range of snacks but for slightly older kids"

I have always liked the Organix range of snacks and this is a good addition to the range. My 17 month old loves them but I think he is only just old enough for them. Would be nice if they did them as a bite sized treat like the mini oaty bites.

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"Excellent "

My son absolutely loved these crispy bars and couldn't get enough of them! They are a good healthy and tasty snack and perfect for toddlers. I would definitely buy these as part of my weeky shop, they are great value for money.

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My two year old daughter loved these snacks. They are a suitably small size for a snack and have quite a strong taste. She couldn't get enough of them!

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"Goodies for you?"

These Goodies crispy bars have a lot of good things going for them, great flavour, nice smell, perfect size for throwing into the travel bag for little one to snack on later and a healthy little snack with simple ingredients. Unfortunately we found that they fell apart quite easily and my little one did not get on with the crumbling or the texture. He enjoys fruity flavours so they seemed perfect but they would break apart so quickly he'd just sit staring at me unimpressed with bits of the bar stuck on his fingers. I'm sure it's just one of his little quirks and if you have a less fussy small person they're a great idea for a quick, healthy snack.

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"Yummy bars"

My daughter really enjoyed these organix goodie bars, they were easy for her to eat and she seemed to really enjoy the taste of them.I will definitely purchase them again.

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"A real hit! "

I tired both my boys aged 6yrs & 2 yrs with the crispy bars. Both were a hit straight away with both boys. Think there favourite was the berry flavour ones. Great as a quick snack on the go & particularly after swimming lessons.

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"Not for us"

Another great product from organix. Great for snacks on the go being individually wrapped. Very appealing to little ones with bright packaging, easy to hold and well sized bars, plus a great smell and flavour. Unfortunately my extreamily fussy eater was not interested. He didnt like either flavour and seemed to find them too chewy. Ive passed the rest on to friends with children of similar aged (2-4yrs) and they have all enjoyed them.

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