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Organix Goodies Chunky Fruit Bars

Customer Reviews

"A little expensive"

My 2 older children refused to even try. The bars don't look appetising and are quite sticky. Ideally serve when sat at the table. My one year old loved the banana and date but just spat out the apple. To be fair he does the same with real apple just doesn't like them. The bars are only small but just enough for little appetites of toddlers. They can be easily separated as they are split into sections which is good to stop your little one putting the whole thing in his/her mouth like mine does. All in all I do think that these are a nice healthy treat and one of your 5 a day. The package is bright and attractive. Great for those packed lunches on a day out. I do feel at £2.49 it is a little expensive and a lot of people would go for a cheaper product as a treat even if they are not as healthy.

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"Great taste but not great value for money"

Organic Goodies Chunky Apple and date and organic goodies chunky bananas and date fruit bars - this product is very good for on the go snacks. The way the bars are made so you can break in to small pieces is also very handy as my daughter is fussy if I give her to much in her snack pot. The flavour is strong so u can taste the fruit quite a lot in these which makes more of a treat for babies and children while they are still getting 1 of their 5 a day. I would buy this product in my shopping - very good value

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"Not the best product out there"

My son wouldn't eat these. He didn't like the feel of them as they were very sticky. He tried both flavours but took them straight out of his mouth. I can only assume that the date taste is too much as he loves apples and bananas. The packaging was very colourful and certainly attracted him as he kept wanting to pick up the wrapped up bar. This is a great product to put in a packed lunch box. I do think that the price is quite high when there are other products on the market that are cheaper. I wouldn't want to risk paying that amount again in case my son didn't like them. I am sad that he didn't like them as it is a good way for him to get some fruit.

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"Daughter loves them "

My daughter loved both of these when I've given them to her. She's been quite fussy with her food the past few days but not with these. They are quite sticky but I just gave her a square at a time - she has a habit of trying to smash whatever I give her into her mouth in one go anyway so I would normally do this. She's also been a bit constipated and I think these have definitely loosened her up a bit, I've noticed each time she's had them she's seemed to be able to go a bit easier. I bought another pack of snacks in this range today as a result.

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"my son absolutely loves these"

The first time I gave these to my son he ate two packets. He really loved them. I think they're good because it's like giving him a treat but actually all the ingredients are totally natural. I definitely think they are good value for money and I would keep packets in my cupboards for days out. They are really easy for him to chew and not quite as messy as fruit. I can quite categorically say I will buy these again. My son loves them and so do I because of the natural ingredients.

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"Eaten but wouldnt buy myself"

I have a baby who is 14 months and a toddler who is 2 and a half. They both tried these and both ate them, however they seemed a little unsure of the texture. They seemed to be chewing them for a long time. My baby enjoyed the flavours, but due to the consistency I found myself having to break it up into little bits onto the plate. The bars were also very sticky. So even though my children ate them and enjoyed the flavours I feel that If i had to chose between these and other similar products on the market I would go for something easier to give and less sticky. The packaging looked great and the ingredients were natural and healthy which is a big bonus for my family.

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"Great idea but not a great taste"

I have a 10 year old, a 2 year old and a 10 month old. The 10 year old did not like them at all. My 2 year old did have half the bar before deciding that he didn't like it. To which he came out with "me no like" just to make sure it wasn't my children who were being fussy, which I knew it wasn't anyway I asked friends children to try them too and even they didn't like them. I did try them myself and must admit I wasn't too struck on the flavour either. I will say that the date and apple flavour was the best I found the date flavour to be very strong. My 10 year old said that it was the texture that she didn't like and I can only presume it was the flavours with my 2 year old.

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"My youngest loved them"

As the title says my youngest loves them but tbh he would eat me if I stopped still long enough. My fussy 2 year old spat them out. I tried them and they are nice but lacking in banana or apple flavour as the overpowering flavour is date. They also have a very grainy texture. The price is alittle too high but they are an handy snack on the go x

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"Not a big fan "

They are great bars of fruit but my daughter disliked the flavours and spat them back out. After tasting them myself they really didn't go well together. I think they are definitely bars for each to their own flavour!

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