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Organix Goodies Apple and Orange Mini Oaty Bites

Organix Goodies Apple and Orange Mini Oaty Bites
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"Lovely "

These little snack bars are great. My toddler loved them and I even pinched some as they were so tasty. Easy to pop in your back for a little snack when you're out and about

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"perfect for little fingers"

Lovely little size to pop in a pocket,purse or the little pocket on the hood of a buggy. Just enough yummieness to ward off a meltdown if little tummies are getting hungry or as treat size snack. I think the retail price is a little high but I would stock up if they were on offer. They look just like little squares of flapjack, the packet is a nice bright green so easy to find if you have popped them in a bag. I personally found the orange taste a little overpowering but my 6 year old tried and enjoyed one, my 17 month old daughter wolfs them down even their 11 month old cousin got in on the action and made a few disappear with gusto. This is a really good enjoyable product, the perfect size to carry around for a little snack and great for little fingers to hold. I would like to see the price come down a bit and a bag of mixed flavours would be good.

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"Excellent for out and about"

A great snack to keep in your changing bag when out and about. As the title suggests these are just bitesize versions of the bigger bars for great when you just need that little something to keep the kids going. As always from Organix the quality and taste is great (I even had a couple myself!) and there was a decent amount in the bag. They each come individually wrapped as well reducing any mess. Overall great value for money and an ideal snack for little ones.

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"Not overly keen"

I was looking forward to trying this product as had seen many of the Goodies range in my local supermarket. I have 3 children that are able to try the product aged 7, 4, and 1. If I'm Completely honest it was a failure in my household, many screwed up faces. They smell delicious, the orangey tangy sweet smell just doesn't come through in the taste. I found them to be overly sweet with a slight bitter after taste. I thought they'd be bigger portions, more like a bar and not a small square. They are certainly bite sized.

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