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Organix Fruit Pots - Stage 1

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My little boy loved the flavour of both the apple & peach and apple & strawberry pots. I have also tried them and they are yummy! My son will eat nearly a full pot for his lunch. They are also really handy to take out and about as you don't need to take a bowl out with you, for this reason they are more convienient for me than other brands fruit pouches.

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"Go down a treat!"

The pots are a perfect portion size. The flavours contain Apple & Strawberry and Apple & Peach. I love the fact it is organic and pure fruit no additives. I fed my baby expecting him only to have a couple of spoonfuls or half of the pot but each time he has eaten the lot so I'm very happy with the size, my baby loves the taste & will definitely be buying them on a regular basis!

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"Great product. "

The flavours that my son tried were "Apple and Peach" and "Apple and Strawberry". They are great sized pots, and can be open for 24 hours so I used them over two days as my son only had half a pot at a sitting. He had never tried Apple before eating these and although his face was funny at the start he seemed to enjoy having these after his veg dinners. Not too sweet which is great and perfect texture for my son to deal with at his age of 24weeks. I was really impressed with the ingredients that there wasn't any unnecessary ingredients in the pots. I would buy these again.

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"Did the treat!"

I didn'y give my baby fruits tastes until I get the pots. They are Apple and Strawberry and Apple and Peach flavour. I was a little bit worried but my son loves them and had the whole pot the first time. Pots are perfect size and easy to serve. They are also smooth and perfect texture for little ones. The product looks nice and I would definitely buy it for this price. Great for firts fruit tastes!

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"Very tasty"

My little girl has been starting to wean for 2 weeks before trying the organix fruit pots and is on just one meal a day of either a puréed veg or fruit. So far she hasn't disliked anything we've tried but I have to say she loved these fruit pots. We tried the apple & strawberry pots and she couldn't eat them quick enough & was most upset when we finished. The only bad thing I would say about is the packaging, as we are on very small amounts at the moment (one ice cube sized amount) we only used half the fruit pot and I have seen other companies with their fruit products in squeezy pouches with a screw on lid which maybe easier to use if not having all in one serving

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"A good way to introduce fruit"

I gave my baby one of these to try three weeks after starting weaning. Prior to these pots, my son had been having predominantly vegetable based purees with a little fruit mixed in. At first he wasn't sure but he is starting to enjoy them more now that he's becominv more comfortable with sweeter tastes. The pots are very convenient and a good size although at first you may find that they could last a couple of times if stored in the fridge. I tried mixing in with baby rice and porridge which he also enjoyed. Obviously this is something that could be done at home but these are great as a time saver and good for taking out. Ideally they would have a re sealable lid as they're quite big portions for first tastes.

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"Brilliant first tastes"

My little boy tried these as one of his first tastes to make a change from porridge and baby rice and he loved them. They were the perfect texture and tasted lovely as I tried a bit of each. Little man's favourite was Apple and strawberry. But he also liked the apple and peach. Extremely easy to use and perfect for taking out and about (We used them when we had to go away for the weekend). As a first taste the pots are a little large and not resealable but we just put the other half in the fridge and used it the following day. I will definitely buy these again.

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"My twins loved these"

I have 6 month old twins who I have just started weaning by introducing them to puréed fruit and veg. Up until trying the Organix Fruit Pots I had only given them homemade purées as I was concerned about preservatives in shop brought purées. When I read the ingredients of the Organix Fruit Pots I was pleasantly surprised that they were all natural so decided to give them a go. One of my girls has never been a fruit fan so I wasnt sure how she'd react to these pots but after a bit of coaxing she really enjoyed them (we tried apple & peach and apple & strawberry). The other one loves her fruit so wolfed them down. The apple & strawberry pots went done especially well. The purées are a great consistency for the first stages of weaning and were just the right size. Price is very reasonable, it takes me a bag of apples to make the same amount myself so I'll definitely be buying these in future. Would definitely recommend them - I certainly enjoyed showing the babies how to eat with these pots.

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"Love it"

My daughter of 6 months has been really fussy while trying to wean her. When she tried these fruit pot she ate it all and enjoyed it! That's a massive achievement for her. It was really easy to take out with us while we where on the go. I've seen different brands of fruit pots cheaper, but these are worth the extra money. I now stick with this brand!

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"My son loves them!"

I used these fruit pots when my son was 6 months, a few weeks after starting weaning. I had only given him homemade fruit and veg purees until then but these pots are just perfect for out and about. It was a large portion for the first stages of weaning -and it is not resealable- but they are easy to take out (and not as delicate as glass jars) and my son loved them! He preferred the one with apple and strawberry, but happily had the two different flavours. And I was happy too, as I knew that the ingredients were all natural, organic ans tasted fresh! They had great texture and you can mix them with baby rice too. They are also good value for money. I thoroughly recommend them. Little one loved them, and they are so much easier than making my own!

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"Convenient "

I was disappointed to see that this product was described as being suitable for 4+ months. Current guidelines recommend starting food around 6 months. One of the flavours was milk-based which is again currently not recommended before 6 months of age due to potential allergies. My twins were 6.5 months old when I gave them this product. They seemed to really love the taste and were shouting for more. The texture was very smooth and it smelt nice. There was no added sugar or preservatives. Although I would not use these on a daily basis, they would be useful to keep in the cupboard for emergency use.

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I've only just started to wean my baby and thought these would be a good way to start. They're tasty (yes I've tried them) and my little one seems to love them. Good value for money, possibly one of the best foods out there. Will buy them again as baby is always wanting more.

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"Good for a treat"

As we are doing baby-led weaning I gave the apple pear and raspberry pots to my son on a loaded spoon and also spread on toast. He loved them both ways, especially on toast! I couldn't give him the other pots as he has a cows milk protein allergy but I gave those to a friend whose son approved of them. They are quite good value for money and although I wouldn't give them everyday are nice for a treat occasionally. They are very useful to have in the cupboard to give him.

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I have just started to wean my 6 month old son & tried these pots as part of his first tastes and he loves them. They have been a hit and I'll definitely be buying them again. I have also tried them (quality control!) and they are quite yummy!

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"Great value for money! "

Fantastic little pots for dessert or a snack during the day. My little girl loves them. So handy to pop in changing bag. Great value for money. Will buy again!

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"fab product"

My 6 months old has just started having solids, I recently brought him this fruit pot he really loved it.

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"New Flavours"

My daughter is not a fussy eater at all but she did not like the Apple, Raspberry and Pear she really did enjoy the Strawberry and Apple. I love the ease of use of these little pots as well :)

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"Tasty flavours"

Fab flavours. Nice little pots which are easy to have at home or out and about. I tried a bit myself and it actually tastes quite nice compared to some other similar products. My little one loved them only issue we had was one of them contained milk and my little one had a reaction to it but the others she was fine with. Good value for money.

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"nice taste"

my little one liked the taste as one of his first. Will eat most of a pot and he's only just started weaning. I thought it actually tasted ok too, you could make out the different flavours, not like some of the other shop bought purees. Convenient to take out and about if the whole pot is eaten, otherwise remember a storage pot if you want to keep the leftovers. reasonably priced

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"Daughter loves them "

My daughter of almost 6 months loves these fruit pots. I'm very happy to give her these as all the ingredients are all natural. They are handy to add to babies porridge or ready Brek to add some different flavours for them to try, or to have by themselves. Easy to use and very handy to take out although my daughter doesn't use a whole pot just yet but there is plenty to use for the next time. I just put the remainder in a suitable pot to go in the fridge for the next meal time. My daughter loves the taste and can't get enough of these lovely pots. I believe they are value for money as all the ingriendents are natural and you expect to pay a little more for those kind of things. I will be purchasing some more shortly

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"Handy, tasty and much loved by all!"

Having tried a number of similar products I was not expecting much difference from these Organix pots. I was wrong! Like others I found them to be easy to use and handy to take out and about but I do feel they are much more natural looking than other products on the market. The puree looks homemade and not watery. A big positive in my mind. I also like the fact they are natural. On the rare occassion a spoonful or two may be left I happily eat it up and can say they taste lovely and fresh. My little one loves these pots and I am relieved to find some different flavours - apple and strawberry and apple and peach. Good to mix with porridge, breakfast cereals and rice pudding, they are easy to adapt into many different foods.

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"Yummy fruit "

These are great as a snack or to mix in with baby rice or cereal. The pots are a good size and good value for money considering how much fruit you would need to cook down yourself to get the same amount. I also liked the natural colour of the fruit. My baby loved them, especially the apple and peach ones

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"Great little one loved them"

Little one thought they were great he loved them I now have to buy them daily. They are really tasty and would definitely recommend them to anyone

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