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"Brilliant 'Spare' Phone"

Most of us have them nowadays – mobile phones, that is! I wouldn't mind betting that we all treat them as precious items – as indeed most of the 'fashionable' ones are nowadays. However, I've learnt over the last few weeks that you can have a simple, tough, stylish and quite importantly, cheap alternative as a second phone. Whether you chose to get one as a 'spare' phone or want a phone to take abroad without risking your main one, these Nuu phones offer really good value for money, with surprisingly good performance in a very neat (not housebrick) package. The X4 has interchangeable covers in black and white as standard and both models offer dual SIM options, allowing you to use a single phone for two SIM card accounts. They're neat, look quite trendy and both use Android operating systems, opening a world of apps via the Google Play Store. The X4 is by far the better performer, but even the A1 has reasonable performance as long as you don't try to run too many apps simultaneously. Both were dead easy to set up and get going. I think they're a brilliant idea. Mine is now used as my 'dirty' phone for when I've got my hands dirty on a DIY or garden project but still need to take or make calls. A good idea in very attractive packages!

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