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Numbers by Patrick George

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"Quite Disappointing "

We are massive book lovers in our house and despite having a huge collection we are always excited to add a few more. My 3 year old daughter has suddenly taken a big interest in counting and learning her numbers so this book was perfect for her. The book is hard backed and counts down from 10 to zero. Each page is a double spread and has the number on the left hand side, for example number 10 and amongst the numbers are 9 insects, on the right hand page there is a picture e.g. a spider and in the middle is a transparent page. This has the last insect on and the idea is you count up the insects on the left hand page then turn the transparent page over to add it the number. The pictures are bold and eye catching and quite fun for little children. The book initially generated a lot of interest with my 3 year old but she soon became bored of it. I think one of the reasons was that the transparent page always had 1 insect on it whereas I think it would have been better to have mixed the numbers up more. It is also quite hard for a small child to turn the pages on their own as they don't stay open very easily. I have passed the book to a few of my friends with similar aged children and the opinion seems to be the same - the concept is good but it is too predictable and therefore interest is lost very quickly. Overall quite disappointing.

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"difficult for little hands"

I was very excited when we got this book through the post, so when my son 3 got back from playgroup i eagerly sat him down alongside my 2 year old to read it. The book is very bright and colourful so instantly appealed to the children, and was eductional teaching them to count so appealed to me! Each page had a number from 10- 1 and the same number of flies on it then you have a clear plastic page with one of those flies on it that you turn to put that one fly on the other page with a spider or some other dangerous thing to flies! you then turn the page and that leaves 9! so the book takes on the concept of 10 fat sausages sizzling in a pan. This of course amused the kids, and after a few weeks were counting down 10-1, they loved the fact they were involved by turning the pages although this was a bit tricky for them as the pages kept sticking. Also the clear page was always on the wrong side to start with so my son gave up and wanted to read it back to front! The book is still read a lot although not an overall favourite, it was a fun way to teach them counting back wards!

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"Lovely Entertaining Book"

My four year old son loves new books so when he got this one he was really excited. The colours are bright and even the the concept is good. He loves counting and this book was perfect for that. I liked the fact that this isn't just another counting number book. Each double page is separated by a clear see through one which tranforms the pictures creating something else for your child to focus on and talk about. The book starts of with 10 flys and eventually ends up with one. I really enjoyed sharing this book with my children it gave us alot to look at and talk about. Really nice bold book with an enjoyable task of finding where the next fly went.

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"Bright and eye catching"

I have been going through this book with my 3yr old for a while now and she really enjoys counting and pointing whilst I count and so on. The pictures are bright and eye catching and very relevant for her age and understanding. I will keep this book for our next baby as it really is good quality.

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"Nice and Bright"

I received this book and straight away the children wanted to read it. Its nice and bright and child friendly. My son who is 2 loved counting the flies, and my 3year old liked how the flies were on a see through page. The flies could be added and taken away. However they became quickly bored with the book as the see through page repeatedly would stick to the side so when they turned the page to read it'd be in the wrong place. I don't think i would have bought this based on this fact.

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