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"We love this!"

Wow - what a fantastic product - we loved it! So practical and user friendly. As a first time mum I have been grappling with the world of babies and everything that comes with it and was getting inundated with different blanket/snowsuit/travelling options. I wish I had found this sooner. So cosy and easy to use, arms in or out, depending on babies mood. Great in the car seat, pushchair and in the trolley, food shopping. Especially good for trips to Nanna and grandads - when coming home in PJ's ready for bed, as there's minimal disturbance to baby when taking them out of it - genius! Although I ordered it for us I was so excited to receive it in the post as it was so well presented! It comes in a lovely co-ordinated bag, and although not necessary it smacks quality and is a wonderful addition. If you don't keep the nod pod in there you can use it for all manner of other things. The nod pod itself is beautifully made in lovely cosy fleece, and folds up fairly small for easy carriage. It washes well and dries really easily - with no need to tumble. This would make a great gift and looks more expensive than it is. Fantastic value - please hurry and bring out the six to twelve month version.

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"Warm, cosy and comfortable"

The NodPod is warm, cosy and made from lovely soft fleecy material. It is ideal for wrapping up a baby for trips in the car or pram to ensure they stay warm and comfortable. I found the NodPod great for visits to indoor shopping centres as it keeps my baby warm without over heating, as has happened previously in heavy jackets or snowsuits. My son likes moving his arms and legs around and often became upset or unhappy in snowsuits as his movement was restricted. The NodPod has been a great alternative and means that a jacket along with the NodPod has been sufficient to keep him warm but still allow him movement. The NodPod doesn't take up a lot of room so can easily be packed into a changing bag or pram when going out.

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"Love it!"

Love the NodPod! It has been everywhere with us since we received it to review. It is perfect for the car seat especially when just going house to house or on school run and you don't want to wrap them up in coats and snow suits. I have had loads of compliments from people who have seen it and all agree it's a "good idea". My baby has also worn in over a snowsuit while in the pram, there is plenty of room in it. We use ours in the house but only in the bouncy chair, i'm not sure i'd feel comfortable letting my baby take naps in her crib wearing it as the hood is quite big on her and would worry about it being over her face. The NodPod comes in a nice co-ordinating drawstring bag, however I would say it's not really needed. If we have the NodPod with us, baby is generally wearing it and if not, it is small enough to pop in changing bag. I've made use of the bag for carrying my prams rainwear! It is made of lovely soft cosy fleecy material that any baby would love. I can't comment on how it washed as I have yet to wash it. Overall, a lovely blanket and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend NodPod to friends and would buy again as a gift.

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