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I am unsure about the advice/teachings in this book, it seems a good idea in theory and would save a fortune on nappies if successful but in practice I'm not so sure. It can be hard enough to figure baby's needs in the early stages without adding potty training to the mix. That said I salute anyone who gives it a go and even more so if you are successful. Its not for me but Good luck to any mummies who do give it a try.

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"Strange concept "

I think this book has some really strange theories and ideas. I just don't really see how you could put it into practise. It was quite an uncomfortable read. I don't think I would recommend this book to parents with newborns at all.

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"A bit wacky for me!"

I like the idea of potty training from an early age, if the child is ready, but I did overall find this an unusual concept. I think most new mothers struggle to understand their babies needs initially, and trying to pre-empt bladder and bowel activity also would be quite a task! I don't believe babies so young have the ability to control their functions so we as parents carry out the task of cleaning and changing, which makes sense. Once they are older and able to mobilise to a potty or toilet then obviously they can take that responsibility. Also, I would be concerned about the time and effort this process would take and would rather spend that time enjoying my baby. Once starting nursery, I would imagine it would prove tricky to find a childcare provider willing and able to follow this protocol. Nice idea for someone who has the time and inclination for this but we didn't feel it was a concept suited to our family. Also I have too many cute reusable nappies I want to use!

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"A great idea..... In Theory! "

Ok so it's overall a well written Informative book and I do understand the concept. However personally I feel that you need an incredible amount of free time to set aside and actively pursue this goal- which is something I feel new mums have very little of! That being said its a good and interesting read.

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"Good theory but hard to follow through"

The concept is a good one and would save a lot of money on nappies but as a first time mum I've struggled and taken alot of time to get used to my baby and her cries and needs so to actually implement them I'm not so sure it could be done. It's just a bit too out there for me and I don't think that it could be transferred from reading about it to actually putting it into to practice and I felt that the book was a bit of uncomfortable read for myself. It's not something we as a family will be trying out it wouldn't suit our needs or lifestyle at all and I think you would struggle to find many whose lifestyle it would suit to try it out. I'd rather spend my time getting to know my newborn than be concerned with pre-empting her bowel movements. Those are precious times I couldn't get back

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