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Myleene Klass - Things to make and do with your children

Myleene Klass - Things to make and do with your children
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"Handy resource"

I didn't have high hopes for this book at first. I have seen a few children's ideas books and they were a bit similar, teddy bear picnic , paper plate painting etc. I wanted new ideas that would be appropriate for various ages. Having looked through the book I was however pleasantly surprised. It is well laid out into sections like outdoor play, in the kitchen and learning games. The instructions are easy to follow in steps. with a little thought some of the activities are adaptable even for the very young and the older ones can develop the ideas according to their interests. For example shadow tracing. There are some activities Which were predictable like making pasta necklace and hand print painting and a list of common songs to sing. There were a few new ideas like snow graffiti and flip a coin adventure. I found the recipes for play dough, clay and edible paints useful. Most of the stuff you have in your house anyway and some need a few cheap purchases beforehand. To be honest most of the things you have done as a child but forgotten about so it's a handy resource to dip in and out of. Make a paper fan, loo roll skittles, painting stones and cress heads to name a few. Some activities are just renamed or tweaked-strawberry fairies in the book are just angel cakes with jam and sprinkles! But it saves you racking your brain! There's a resources list at the back with some useful websites on for different bits and bobs and a quick list guide for all the activities in the book. Although most of the activities can be found on the Internet this is a super quick book to grab and go. The only bad point is the lack of pictures. It would have been more enticing for my kids to be able to look through and decide what they wanted to do . And to see what the general idea was - some of the activities rely solely on description and some don't need a picture where 3 are provided. I will be doing the activities and taking photos for the children to add to the book where necessary. Overall a good book but a little over priced at £15 when you can find them for free given more time and a little imagination.

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"Colourful and fun"

A delightful book with a wide range of activities/ ideas to keep young ones entertained. A lot of the ideas use simple household objects, things you will already own, so no need to rush out and spend a fortune. There are recipes, songs, ideas for the garden, learning games, even tongue twisters, and each section is laid out simply with clear instructions. There are even icons to show what the activity 'should' be teaching the child- ie improving memory, or hand/ eye coordination. A good one to have on the shelf for a rainy day.

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"Loads of great ideas"

This is a great book with lots of different ideas in it. It is split into different categories i.e Outdoor Play, Story time which makes it really easy to find suggestions in certain areas and find a page you want to go back to quickly. It has pictures with each activity telling you what skills it uses (like fine motor skills) which I liked. The activities themselves are easy to follow and don't need a huge amount of additional resources to make or do. I really enjoyed being able to pick an activity at random and being able to do it without any specialist equipment. I consider myself to be quite a crafty person and I do lots of creative activities with my children already and I felt this book gave me lots of new ideas without me having to do the thinking! I think the book is good value and should be thought of as a recipe book for fun childrens activities. I really like the way it has been presented and Myleene writes an introduction for each section about why its important as well as feeding in useful information about the importance of play and activities. We have already done several of the activities from the book and I intend to use lots more. One example is edible finger painting where Myleene uses jelly rather than paints. It worked really well and it was something that I had never considered before but presented as an activity it made perfect sense and we had fun eating what was left too! My children have really enjoyed the activities as well as searching through it to find new activities they would like to try. My only negative is that I wish there were more pictures demonstrating some of the craft items, so you could see what the final product is supposed to look like. There are some pictures within the book but they are only for some of the activities. However the instructions are really clear to follow. Overall this is a great book with loads of ideas in it to make with your children, its aimed at children aged 2 -5 which I think is perfect for it, and my 1 year old has also had a go at some of them too! It would make a great gift for a parent who already does lots with their child or one who wants to do more.

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"Lovely colourful book"

This book contains 150 ideas for activities to carry ut with your children. Its wriiten by Myleene Klass, who is a mother of two, with advice from a child development specialist. I really liked this book, and thought it contained lots of nice ideas. Some of the activities are fairly simple thinigs that you have probably already seen elsewhere, but there are lots of novel ideas in here too, and its a great collection of lots of different types of activities. The activities are suitable for lots of different age ranges, so i'll be able to keep dippinng into it as my children get older. I can see it will be really helpful on wet cold winter days when you are all stuck in doors getting cabin fever. At 14.99, I probably wouldn't buy it for myself, but would definitely buy it as a gift.

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"Jam packed"

A beautifully presented book with plenty of different sections to go through. Found lots of activities to do from items I already had at home, I buy the mixed arts and crafts tubs so was prepared. This book covers a good range of ages and my son enjoyed choosing a project for us to do. It's a good book to dip in and out of and would be good for sleepovers or the long summer holidays to keep the kids occupied.

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