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"Great resource book"

This book proved very valuable even though I recieved it very close to my due date. Will be a definite point of reference for future pregnancies. Lots of good informative information and pictures. Well worth the money!

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"A great resource"

I have to agree with the other reviewers, this really is a fantastic book. It's basically a reference volume, taking you through from trying to conceive and any associated problems, what to expect in every week of pregnancy, to labour, birth, first weeks as mum and all sorts of info about what you really need. I'm nearing the end now so have been concentrating on the ace diagrams and info about what really happens in labour, as well as how to deal with a new baby. Lots of the questions you start to ask as a result of reading the various sections are then answered elsewhere in the book. Although each section is brief (or it'd have to be about 1000 pages long!) there is a good list of resources in the back that will give more info about any given subject. There are a few things that niggle, like any book. It would have been nice to see a bit more info about what happens your baby is born with special needs. There is info about 'special care' babies, but it's geared up for premature, but otherwise 'normal', babies. Although the subject is a separate book in itself some recognition that these things happen might be good. The block colours on some of the pages make it look like the chapters are split into separate sections, but it's just that most of the pages have different background colours. It's a bit jarring because there is also a lot of boxed text with similar colouring. Overall, it's brilliant. I would have loved to have had it from the start so I knew what to expect from my various appointments. I like the fact it's written by a variety of people, who are experts as well as mums, and that it's geared specifically to the UK. Pretty much anyone can benefit from it whether they're in the early stages of trying to have a baby or are heavily pregnant like I am. It's well worth a read.

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"A must for every first time Mum"

A lovely book that has everything a parent, particularly a first time parent, would need to know from conception right up to birth and newborn. This book is written by professionals from a wide array of childcare fields, they all Mums themselves and give accounts of their own personal experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, which I found to be immensely comforting and informative. All sections of this book are well defined, user friendly and easy to find. A particular favourite aspect of this book was the in detail week by week development of the fetus from conception right up to 41 weeks. This book is fantastic value for money due to the sheer volume of information and topics covered. A well recommended read.

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"Great advice - A Must read!!"

This is a fabulous read for anyone planning on having a baby or a mum to be. There is also plenty of advice for newborn Mummies too. The book is very colourful with plenty of advice for everyone, Mums, Dads and birth partners included. The chapters are well divided and by no means do you have to read it all at once. I am currently 17 weeks so took an interest in the second trimester chapter which is very helpful with nutrition and exercise advice as well as emotional advice from the experts who have wrote this book. Who happen to all be Mums too. The book retails at £22 and would be worth the money if you have it and I am sure it is going to be a good reference point throughout pregnancy and the newborn stages. The appearence is fabulous. A hardback book ensures it is hard wearing and there is the right split between writing and diagrams and pictures. It has been very carefully throught out and refers to single and multiple pregnancies throughout. Currently from the pages I have read (quite a lot) and flicked through this book is a definate buy for me as a first time Mum. I haven't read it all as some stuff isn't relevant right now and I don't want to be scaring myself just yet with the gorey details of giving birth :-)

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