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My Blue Nose Friends

Customer Reviews

"Cute teddies"

My little girl loved the puppy best out of the 4 new Blue Nose Friends but I would not pay the price for these again as I don't think they are worth the money. They are nice and soft but I noticed on one I add to remove one of the stitches - I would not buy them again.

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"Great cute friends"

Lovely soft and cuddly teddies. Reasonably priced and perfect for small gifts. My daughter who is 4 loves them and plays with them and takes them everywhere. Good for collecting and i would definitely buy other products like these.

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"A new favourite"

This range is definitely cute and has such a wide range that it caters for all tastes. My son went straight for the dragon and made it go round kissing everyone. It is just the right size for him to carry around while still doing other things, so suits him down to the ground. My little girl cannot go anywhere without her little pink puppy now. Even her teacher is on first names terms with this cute little toy. It is so soft that she just likes to make everyone stroke it. The range is definitely appealing and the price is quite reasonable. I would definitely consider buying more, but only favourites as the collection is so vast and still expanding, I would need a bank loan, haha.

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"blue nose friends"

These little Blue Nose animals were very cute and cuddly, very well made and small enough for a baby to grasp and play with. The only issue i had with them was with the horse as its tail was made of a fur-like material which seems to moult everywhere and i couldnt allow my baby to play with it. All the other animals we have were made very well. it was nice to see they were all named, my 6 year old daughter loved the oyster and now has that in her room. My son liked the dragon and has it in his room. Overall a lovely product which i would personally buy myself again.

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"Cute & cuddly"

I presently have six children between the ages of 10months and thirteen years. All of the children boys and girls alike loved these cute and cuddly little fellows. The pearl was the favourite of the baby and the thirteen year old now wants to collect them all . They are all so adorable that if I had the chance I would have kept them for myself.

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