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Munchkin 10oz Click Lock Spill Proof Cup

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"Wasn't very impressed"

I received this cup for my 9mth old son to use. When I gave it to him he was unable to drink anything from it as it wasn't coming through as he drank it. I know that sometimes some cups are hard to drink from at a younger age so I gave it to my 22 mth old son to use. He too was unable to drink from it. I looked at the spout of the cup and saw that you had to use a lot of pressure on it to be able to get any fluid out of it. Myself and my husband also tried to drink from it to see how hard it was to drink from and we both found it difficult to get anything out of it. The idea of the cup is very good and the cup does not spill if it is turned upside down, shook etc but then its difficult to get any fluid out of it at all. I wouldn't recommend this cup to anyone. I think the producers of the product need to make it easier to drink from for it to be successful.

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I found this cup to be very good. I was impressed with the click top design as with most other spill proof cups it can sometimes be quite difficult to screw the lids back on properly in order for it not to leak. The first few times my son tried this admittedly he did struggle with it, but I think that was mainly due to the fact he had never used a spill proof cup in the past and only had experience with free flowing cups. So it was more the concept he struggled with then the actual cup. However he now uses it freely!! I found it so easy to open and close and so easy to clean. Highly recommend!!!

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"Good non spill cup"

I got this for my 9 month old son, he was unable to drink out of it. We are still trying but think you really need to be a bit older, maybe 12 months. My 4 year old drank from it fine and she is using it as it is great as does not spill a drop from the spout or lid no matter which way it is turned so really handy for days out. I would recomend this product for older children as it is really not suitable for the 9 month age group it is intended for.

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