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Mr Men 'Today I Am' T-Shirt

Customer Reviews

"Lovely little top.... A must for MR Men fans!! "

I have the Mr Men T-shirt and my first impression was that it was cute little top for my son...the cotton was soft and overall the top was of good quality. The sizing comes up bigger than expected (2-3 years) which is fab as the top is £7 so you want it to last a while. My son loves to twiddle the arrow which cleverly points to the mood he's in! I've just popped it on a wash as my son split his juice this morning and am pleased to say it's come out the machine fab, not mis-shaped and the colours are still vivid. Overall very pleased with the item x

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"Great Mr Men top!"

This product is great, lovely quality and my little man absolutely loved it. it washes really well, and I would highly recommend it. Great value to money, and a great little game to play with your child too!

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"great value for money! "

The top has very nice material, great sizing so should fit for a while. Wears and washes really well. My son loves spinning the arrow (as does his older sister!)and at just £7 its great value for money :D

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"Fun, cool and great fit"

The Mr Men top is first of all fun. My little boy loves spinning the arrow and we tried using it to teach him different emotions. It is a great fit as well. The 12-18 month top still comfortably fits my almost 18 month old. We have washed the top now several times and the colours still look very vibrant. At £7.00 this is definitely worth to buy. We are very pleased with it.

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"Cute and fun"

I am really impressed with the mr men t shirt. The quality and look of the material is excellent and the sizing is very good. My little boy loves moving the arrow around and I think this adds a great touch to the tshirt to make it stand out from normal ones. Even after washing a few times the colours are still looking good. I would definitely recommend this tshirt to people who are after something a bit different from a normal one.

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