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Mini Micro 3 in 1 Seat Scooter

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"Sheer genius"

You'd have to be walking round with your head in the clouds to not notice the scooter craze that has gripped the younger generation. Having just turned two, I thought my son might be a little young to join in, then I spotted the Mini® Micro 3in1 Scooter. This clever little invention is aimed at one to five year olds and combines three toys – the traditional ride-on, the tiny first scooter and the classic Mini® Micro. While it still has the bottom platform, the 3in1 comes with an add-on seat that can be height adjusted and clips securely onto the scooter handle. There is an O-bar handle ideal for little hands to cling onto which can be replaced with the T-bar for when they are taller and more confident. To increase stability and control, they have used a tilt-to-steer technology to make steering easier, compared with the more traditional turn-to-steer of standard ride-ons or scooters. While the little man was not so sure of the seat (he avoids the trikes at playgroup), he loves pushing the scooter around and because it easily clicks on and off, I can take the seat away temporarily and put it back on after a few days for him to try again. The O-bar is the perfect height for him and he finds it easy to hold. My friend was extremely envious when she saw it. She had bought a scooter for her daughter's second birthday and it had proved far too big for her to use. As soon as she saw the 3in1, she immediately sat herself down on the seat and had great fun pushing herself around. The 3in1 comes in at £74.95 which, I think, is good value considering it converts to a bigger scooter and will last for several years. And if parts wear out, replacements can be ordered online with supporting YouTube repair videos to help with fitting.

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"Top of the range"

Surely there can't be any parent left who doesn't know about Micro Scooters. Certainly in Brighton you can't walk down the road, through the park or into town without seeing the flash of one of these trendy, ultra-cool and amazingly balanced toys whizz past. My 6 year old Tom has had a sensible blue one for three years, my youngest son Harry has had a tasty red one for two years and for some time now Caitlin, two, has been eyeing their mobility with a jealous glint. But she's only 2. And quite small. And none too balanced. She also has a penchant for carrying one of her many 'beebies' around with her, but that's another story. It was always the small, unbalanced bit that seemed to be hindering her. Until, that is, we found that Micro Scooters have once again raised the bar with the new Mini-Micro 3 in 1 with seat and O-bar handle. The toy, as used by slightly older kids, has a T-bar handle so that they can stand on the scooter and ride it, one foot planted and the other swinging wildly. The new O-bar and seat enables this fantastic toy to be accessible to even younger kids. The base is the same size but the handle is shorter and shaped like an O to facilitate stability for toddlers whose grip isn't quite as secure. This is then joined by an in-built seat on which the toddler can position themselves. This gives them added balance, enabling them to have both feet on the ground at all times and means that they move by, in effect, walking the scooter along. The price needs some mention as there are other scooters on the market that are cheaper. But we've had these for years now and their strength, reliability and, crucially, their fantastic manoeuvrability sets them apart in a league of their own. They're pricey, but perfect. Caitlin has a neon pink one and she absolutely loves it. We've got a T-bar for use when she gets a little older but for this stage the O-bar and seat are perfect. She's never going to dash away from us in the way my other two sons do but it's marvellous seeing her come to terms with another form of independence. Obviously, if you have a small child who has ruled that one arm must hold a doll during all waking hours then this still means that there can be some instability, but the happiness and confidence that Caitlin has gained from being just like her older brothers is well worth it. Well done Micro-Scooters, you're ahead of the curve again.

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"At top toy!"

My little boy loves being outside so knew this toy would be a big hit. There are only a few pieces to assemble and it is very simple to put together, the instructions are fairly simple to follow and we had it up and ready to go within 10 minutes. My son is just over 2 so we began with the seat attached which he loved, although we did also test it with the seat off and I was surprised how quickly he grasped the context of scooting and how sturdy the scooter was. I would say it was an instant hit and can easily see it being a treasured toy for years to come. The build quaility is very good, many of the parts can be replaced which is great for extending the life of the scooter as well all know childrens toys need to be indestructible! The steering device is very clever with the child using their weight to help shift the wheels a concept which my son discovered within 5 minutes of using it. There are various accessories which can be purchased to go alongside the it such as bags etc which is good for additional Christmas/Birthday present for following years. There is no denying that it is at the top end of the price bracket for scooters, although this is reflected in the quality of the product and also the fact that it grows with the child. I have in the past purchased trikes etc with this 'grow and change' aspect and they haven't stood up to prolonged use. With the replaceable parts and good sturdy build design I have high hopes for this scooter, although only time will tell!

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