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Mini Lala Oopsie Horse

Mini Lala Oopsie Horse
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"Great toy"

My 8 year old had this Mini Lala Oopsie Horse. Being a child that is horse made this is a well liked toy. This toy has been played with most days since she has had it and that was over a month ago now. The hair is made out of some kind of rubber and after being brushed for a long time none has broken off, it is very heard wearing. The Horses come in all different colours, comes with a brush and have a name for each one. They are great value for money. I would definatly reccomend these.

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"Great girls toy"

My five year old daughter was overwhelmed with excitement when she saw the pink little horse waiting for her. She loves playing with it and especially brushing its hair . The horses come in a few styles/ colours and other products and dolls in the range can also be purchased. My partner says they remind her a little of the my little ponies which she had when she was younger although slightly smaller. This would brighten up any little girls day and is durable so will not be broken easily like most toys out there

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"Very Girly Toy"

Last year our house was introduced to the Magical World of Lalaloopsy. Our most recent edition is the Mini Lala Oopsies Horses – Tea Biscuit. She's well made of bright blue and pink rubbery plastic. Her main and tail isn't like the traditional hair but of rubbery long curls which never looks messy and full of knots (bonus). There is a heart shaped comb for grooming and does go through the main / tail well. It's a pretty horse with lots of girly details; hearts, buttons, bows, ribbons and crown. It's also a robust toy that will last for a long time. My disappointment was that our Mini Lala Oopsies aren't able to sit on these horses . The dolls only bend from the hips so unless they do the splits and sit on side ways they can't ryde their horses. Thus said this doesn't effect my Daughter's enjoyment with this product. This has been a much loved and enjoyed toy in my house and I will be purchasing more of the collection.

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