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Milton Mini Portable Soother

Milton Mini Portable Soother
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http://www.boots.com/en/Milton-Mini-Portable-Soother-Steriliser_1252869/ The Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser has been designed to deal with that everyday mum dilemma – how to safely clean a dropped soother. BPA-free, small and watertight, the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser has been created to sterilise soothers on-the-go and can be popped into a changing bag. The new improved design includes a more tactile attachment strap, a wider base opening for larger soothers, and advanced water bottle closure technology (instead of a silicone rim) for easier cleaning.

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"Very handy!"

This is a great product for anyone who's baby uses a dummy! It's easy to use and was very easy to set up. It's great knowing that the dummy will always be clean and ready for my baby/toddler. It's small and fits in my changing bag nicely, not taking up any room.

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"Love this!!!"

This is perfect. It's exactly what you need to know that your dummy is safe to use all of the time. Fits into my handbag or clips onto the side of the nap bag, and I don't have to worry when I am out or about. No more dummies full of dust or left over raisins at the bottom of my handbag.

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"Fantasticly handy"

The milton mini portable soother steriliser was so easy to set up I loved the bright colour and shape and it was great quality. I kept purs loose in our change bag so the colour made it handy to find but it does have an attachment to attach to pram etc if wanted. I found it a godsend for cleaning dropped dummys...as this often happens when out and about and we often dont have a spare. But you can keep a dummy stored inside also which is fab. I loved the product and will always carry it when out and about now and never worry about a dropped dummy again. Super handy just great!!

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"Great for when you're out and about "

I have to say that this product is a must for anyone with a baby or young toddler that uses a dummy. If you don't use a dummy clip when out and about (and even if you do) dummies can end up being thrown on the floor or thrown around the car etc. The mini sterilser means you can quickly pop it in and you know it's going to be clean and sterile for use again. It's also great for night time with a baby as sometimes they spit it out. And rather than having to go downstairs and get another sterile dummy you can just pop it in the midi sterilser and everyone's happy 😊

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"so handy!"

I found this product a godsend. My eldest daughter never had a dummy so never had the issue with transporting them and keeping them sterile, then my youngest came along and would only settle with either a dummy or her thumb. I was carrying a dummy around in a small Tupperware pot after it had been sterilized just to keep it from collecting dust when she wasn't using it, then i discovered this. its so easy to use, you unscrew the top and remove the sponges, then fill the pot to the line with water,add one of the sterilizing tablets you get for them, leave until its dissolved then put the sponges back in, the top sponge has a hole in it so you can insert the dummy teat, then just screw the lid back on. We've never had a problem with leaking or anything, its super easy to clean as well. Highly recommend.

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