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"Does the job well!"

I've got the Peony Blossom laundry liquid. The bottle is great, it is small but contains enough for 25 washes so better than a big box in the cupboard. It has a pump as the dispenser and needs just 4 pumps per wash that can go either in the machine or in the top bit. To be honest I have been using 3 pumps per wash (on a 30 degree wash)as our clothes havn't been too dirty and they have come out really clean. The smell is really nice and not too strong, and the liquid even gets out blood (when my little boy fell over - ouch!) and tea stains so really good. It is a little bit pricey at £5.99 for 25 washes but it does a really good job and is much more environmentally friendly than other detergents.

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"Great product"

I really liked this product, the size and lightness of the bottle is much better than most products on the market, i used 6 pumps on a large load which was quite dirty (due to my two yr old getting into everything), it came out smelling lovely and really clean, i'm not sure on the price may be a little pricie for some moms +dads, great product tho would use again.

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"fantastic product"

I thought this product was really light to hold and easy to use, i used six pumps for a large load and four pumps for a small load. The washing always came out smelling fresh and clean. I also thought that the product kept the washing very soft. I think the product is a good price and would buy the product myself.

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"Compares to others well"

I got the Peony Blossom laundry detergent, and it comes in such a handy little bottle. The smell is quite mild, so not overpowering, but 'just there'. It gets the clothes clean, and is so easy to use. Squirt it into the detergent drawer, and it can all be done with one hand. The bottle is so compact, if you were tight for space (or travelling) this would be ideal. At first, when I heard the price, I too thought it was overpriced, but when I compared it to other brands with 25 washes, it is not overpriced at all, and is probably better value as it works really well at cleaning. I would buy this product again, as I have bought other products from the Method range before, and was pleased with this landry detergent.

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"smelt really nice "

i got the peony blossom to try out, i thought it smelt really nice came in a nice small bottle with an easy to use. the detergent it self was okay didnt think it was brilliant as it still left some stains in the clothes and was using 4 to 6 pumps in a load of washing. i dont think i would buy it from a shop just stick to what i use already.

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