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Maternity Nightware from Boob

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"Perfect fit, very comfortable. "

This garment was a perfect fit and felt great to wear. I wasn't restricted or uncomfortable, usually I find nightwear extremely difficult to sleep in as I'm an active sleeper meaning I am moving around a lot whilst I'm asleep. I must say that this nightdress caused no issues to sleep in. The breast feeding pockets were also great and will be very useful during the night/early morning feeds. It washed and dried well although I didn't machine dry I hung dried it. Overall I would recommend these, although for such a simple design I'd say they are quite expensive for a nightie. Would love to try out boobs pyjama range as it's white cold at the moment and the nightie is only suitable really for much warmer weather.

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"Feels gorgeous, but pricey!"

This nightdress has a lovely feel to it, it is so soft and comfortable with i guess is the main factor you need. It isnt the best looking item on the market but the feel and ease of use of it make it great! It will be very easy to use when feeding and as the material is so luxurious it will be lovely and soft for baby to be around. My only negatives are the price tag and look of the 'feeding flap' when you look what else is on the market it isnt the prettiest - that said it does the job fab and is very comfortable so its a thumbs up from me :-)

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