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Mama Naked Calming Bath Foam

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"Relaxation! But overpriced."

I've tried this for the past two nights and it is lovely. Helped me relax loads, and that's hard with a 2, almost 3, week old. It foams up nicely, but it's quite watery so you have to use quite a bit to get decent bubbles... I do like it, but I think it is overpriced for the size of the bottle and how much you have to use to get bubbles.

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"relaxing and lovely idea"

I used this item 3 nights in a row. Although it really helped to relax my coccyx issues, the bubbles didn't last very long. Although the scent was pleasant it wasn't anything to rave about. LOVE all the natural ingredients though.

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"A nice gift idea"

I've managed to get around to using this a couple of times. The scent is delicate and quite pleasant, although it didn't seem to last much. I love that it is made from natural ingredients that the packaging suggests are ideal for a mum to be and so would probably consider it as a gift for a mum to be for a baby shower. My biggest negative is that it doesn't mention whether it is also ideal for babies and I would love to be able to use it for a shared bathtime with my little one as it's hard to find time to just take a bath myself. That said that's mostly because I'm a shower person! Overall quite nice packaging and because it's designed for mums and pregnant women a good gift, but wouldn't buy it for myself. For the money it's as good as any other bubble bath.

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"nothing special"

I had to wait a while to review this product as i have recently had a c-section and was looking forward to the calming bubbles and relaxing scents. I wasn't overly impressed to be honest i think for the money you don't get alot of the product and there are plenty of better alternatives out there. It did smell very nice but the bubbles didn't last very long. Overall i wouldn't buy it.

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