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MAM Milk Powder Box

MAM Milk Powder Box
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"Very handy"

I found this so useful for days out, saved having to take a large tin of formula out and fits nicely in the changing bag. Would definitely recommend.

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"A very handy product"

This little tub fits easily into the changebag and is very convenient for carrying around the exact amount of formula needed to make up a bottle. I carry a thermos of warm boiled water with me and do the baby's bottles as and when. The holes above each section are a good size for shaking into the bottle and I can be confident I am following manufacturers' instructions in mixing the bottles jist before the baby drinks them. I recommend this product!

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"Very easy and versatile "

Have been using this for some time now and makes life so much easier to carry around powdered milk and other similar items, I have also put some fruit an sweets in it for my older son an foud it as a very handy box for many items

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"Easy to use"

Having three compartments is great for a day out with the family, the compartments are secure so no powder moves between sections also the lid is very sturdy so you don't have the worry of it coming open whilst out. It's very easy to use a little tap is required to get the remains of powder out. I have also found it very useful for storing snacks as you can remove the full lid or just open the flip lid for emptying smaller snacks out. Suitable for using in the steriliser or dishwasher. At first I was put off by the size of the container as I thought it would be too bulky in the changing bag but it fits in great, the size is a bonus really as it makes it easier to locate as the changing bag is normally full with everything for 2 little ones and the hubby!!

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"Great pot"

This pot is perfect for Mums on the go who are formula feeding. Much more spacious than similar products in the same market. Fits a good sized feed into each compartment. It is easy to clean & lids stay firmly closed. A simple but handy product

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"Does a great job!"

I really like this milk powder dispenser for a few reasons! It's a great size, far better than previous storage pots I've had and easily slips into the changing bag. There's no leakage between the compartments so rest assured the 7 scoops you put in stay at 7 scoops! There's plenty of space for the powder, I'm currently only using 5 scoops but there's still loads of room left! Only downside is that the shape means that it can take a bit of shaking about to dispense the powder but its only a minor inconvenience. The powder barely sticks to the pot when making up a bottle which makes it far superior to previous purchases. I would definitely recommend this product!

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"good product"

this is a very good product, with large capacity for milk. Easily fit in the changing bag. The box closes well and the milk powder stays in its individual compartment (even when the box is shaken!) Pouring in the bottle is easy and does not really stick to the box. It is easy to clean and sterilised. It is quite pretty too. I found this product so easy to use that I am now even using it at home to have the milk doses ready. That way even if I lost track of how many spoons I have put in I can start again without throwing the milk away! I currently use it with 7 spoons of powdered milk and there is still space for more.

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"Good product"

Good little product. It is really handy and quite compact to take a pre measured amount of milk with you on the go. It has 3 large compartments for the milk storage so you can fill approximately 9 scoops of formula. They have separate clip off lids similar to other products in this range, Because the lids are at the top of the box I find I have to tap the top and move it around to get all the powder out which can be a bit messy. It looks good, there are little pictures on the lids and my son likes to look at these. The lids are very secure so no issue of him getting them open. Overall a good little purchase and I think a must have product for bottle feeding mummies and daddies.

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"Helps me to be more organised, easy to use!"

Key points aboit this product; * 3 extra large portions *Sterilisable and dishwasher safe *Suitable to store snacks, soothers and teats as well as milk powder. I purchased this product to help me get more organised when preparing babies bottles. The wide sections allow you to pour the powder in from the scoop with ease. Now instead of trying to count out the scoops with a screaming baby/demanding toddler in tow, i am able to count in peace once they are in bed :) I used a different make of powder pot when my daughter was a baby and with that i always found the powder stuck around the rim of the dispenser, well with the design of this MAM powder box, i have yet to have a feed where i am not able to shake all the powder into the bottle. On the whole a must have product to ease preparation either at home, or out and about.

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"Wonderfully Versatile and Stress Busting Product!"

This powder box has been a Godsend. It is so easy to use, simply add the required dose of powder for up to 3 feeds and then when you need a bottle, tip the pre-measured powder into the required amount of water. The fact that the spout is so close to the slightly triangular corners allows you to tip every last bit of powder out as well. Having been someone who regularly gets to the 5th or 6th scoop of powder in a 8 fl.oz bottle of water and forgetting where I've got to, this item is a massive help and stress saver as powder can be measured out for feeds in quieter moments then simply tipped in when bottles are needed. It has a wide and flat ergonomic design, which fits much better in my baby bag than the ones I've tried before, and the shape also makes it easier to clean inside. It is compatible with all types of sterilising as well, fits perfectly in our steam steriliser and is even top rack dishwasher safe. The packaging is simple and stylish (and entirely recyclable - a big plus for me) with plenty of helpful information included. It states that you could also use the compartments for dummy storage (our baby doesn't take a dummy, but this would be a very helpful added use if she did) and also spare teats or even snacks as baby gets older - making this a great all round product with lots of extra uses once baby powder storage is no longer required. If you compare the ease of use and powder saved (from reducing wasted made up bottles and forgotten tallies when mixing) against the small cost of this item, then it is great value for money, with a sleek look and plenty of uses. As yet I have not found any negative points about this product and don't envisage doing so either - well done Mam! I would recommend this product to any mum who needs a way to store and make up formula bottles on the go or even mums who just like to have feeds as prepared as possible in advance when at home.

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"Excellent product"

The MAM milk powder box is a fantastic product. It has 3 large compartments and is easy to open. When pouring the powder into the bottles, there was no spillage (which I found I had with other milk powder holders that I have tried in the past. Also the compartments are useful for storing dummies or even snacks for when you no longer need to take milk out with you. It's light and compact and easily fits into my change bag or even handbag!! It washes in the dishwasher and is suitable for sterilising. I would certainly recommend the MAM milk powder box and its reasonably priced too!

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"Better than others!"

This product beats other models I have used hands down! It was convenient to sterilise as some other models have been cold water sterilise only but as I have a steam steriliser this was a drawback. After the first use I used the dishwasher to clean it and was surprised that it didn't warp as some plastics can. The curved triangular design means that the full portion of milk is dispensed into the bottle no matter what the size of volume. The compartments are also big enough to hold snack sized portions of food which is perfect when out and about. The lid is very sturdy and so I wasn't worried about the milk box opening in the changing bag until I needed it open, which it did easily along with the sturdy snaps. If out and about quite often then it is fantastic value for money but the price would have put me off for how often I needed to use it. The quality is excellent and has stayed excellent after numerous uses.

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