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Magix - Rescue Your Videotapes

Magix - Rescue Your Videotapes
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"surprisingly easy"

I was surprised how easy transfering videos to disc actually was. We've used it for putting our home movies onto disc also. Will definitely try linking it to the Sky + box - I hadn't even thought of that.

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"Great Value for Money"

I was pleased to receive this product to review, as my partner has lots of videotapes he wants to keep, but they take up to much space!! I did wonder how easy it would be to use as there are different cables and other bits, but once you follow the step by step guide on the installation disc it is easy and there is always support from their website if you do become stuck. As I am not a computer whizz it took me some trial and errors to work out what I needed to do to transfer videotapes but soon you find it easy and I am now working my way through my partners video collection transferring them to disc. I am also looking forward to transferring video footage from my daughter when she was a baby onto disc with footage of her new baby brother when he arrives in April. We can't wait to do this and give them as presents to the grandparents for them to see. A very worthwhile product if you want a cheaper/easier way of transferring footage to disc rather than buying a DVD/Video combi player. Could also be a worthwhile present if like me your partner/husbands video collection is getting out of hand.

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"Great solution for more than VHS"

This promised an easy way to get VHS onto DVD. If you don't have one of those DVD / VHS combi machines then this would be a great solution, although probably quite expensive if that was all you were going to use it for. HOWEVER, this little piece of software can do SO much more! My husband is a bit addicted to cycling so he tapes all those Tour de whatevers on our Virgin V+ box - not only boring me to tears but also using up all the memory as he refuses to delete them "I want to watch it again (and again and again)". So, as soon as this came along I thought I'd try it to see if it worked with our Virgin V+ and lo and behold, after about 30 mins of faffing setting it up (due to the virgin box not the software I must add) we now have cleared a lot of the taped stuff off. It can take a bit of time to download it off, but the quality is great and now we can burn DVDs from our laptop which has saved us buying a DVD recorder - which is definately more expensive than buying a DVD player and this software. I don't actually have any VHS tapes that I want to transfer to VHS anymore as my parents did have one of those combi machines and did all of that a while ago, but as a solution for taping off virgin V+ (presumably it'll work off Sky + too) it's just perfect! I was really surprised it worked so well. There are lots of other bits included in the pack, like video making software but to be honest, the price is worth it for me even if none of that was included as it seems to be the only way for us to tape off our V+ box and believe me, I've tried many ways!

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