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"Eye opener to my posture"

Lumo Lift Review When I first found out that my first product review was going to be the Lumo Lift my first thought was “What is a Lumo Lift?” I got straight onto the internet and started researching the product. I must admit I was very excited once I had learned what the Lift was for. Being 28 weeks pregnant at the time and suffering with added strain to my back I experience what 3 out of 4 woman suffer with during pregnancy, back ache. The Lumo Lift is a posture coach that notifies you when you are slouching; don't ask me how it knows this but it does. I've been wearing mine a week now and I have purposely held my posture incorrectly to see if it really does work. The Lift is very discreet and comes in the form of a small magnetic square which you can hide under clothing or have as a piece of jewellery on your outer clothing. It notifies you with a gentle vibration if you find your posture is slouchy. Another feature I like about this product is that it also tracks your activity and how many steps you are walking which generates a total of calories burned. I was worried at first that my posture was going to be terrible. For a living I run a cattery but also walk dogs for my parents Boarding Kennels on an afternoon. My dad has made comments about how I walk and that I have the so called 'waddle' of a pregnant woman but I think he was exaggerating as the Lift has confirmed that my good posture is above average. I don't work as much in the kennels now so I have found that my activity level is below average, the daily goal is to hit a target of 10,000 steps but I am doing anything between 5,000 and 8,000. The targets for good posture and steps taken can be changed in the app that you download onto you iPhone or iPad, this is where all of your posture and activity information is stored, accessed and edited. The Lift is very simple to use and the app is also very easy to understand. You can turn on a 'Coach' function which alerts you as soon as your posture isn't correct, you can set the coach to different lengths of time from 15 minutes to 4 hours. I have found that the Lift has really opened my eyes to my posture. It isn't something I have put much thought into and I never realised there was a product on the market that could improve it. You may be wondering how the Lift knows when you have gone from standing to sitting because obviously your posture is going to change. Well, it's very simple, if you want to notify the Lift that you have gone from standing up to sitting down on the sofa, all you have to do is sit down with a good posture and press the lift twice, it will vibrate three times and then it knows that you are doing something different. You may have to do this a several times throughout the day, as we all know, we don't just stand in one spot with our head held high and our shoulders back all day long, especially if you are a mother with housework and jobs to do. The battery life is very good, you charge it for a couple of hours and it lasts up to four days which is good because this day in age there are so many household items that require charging on a daily basis it becomes not only bad for the electricity bill but also annoying having to swap items around to charge them. There are however a few cons to the Lift. Firstly, I already have a three year old daughter who at the moment is craving a lot of attention from me and wanting to be picked up a lot, I find that when I do pick her up she is always catching the Lift and either turning the coach function off or changing the posture setting, it's not a fault with the product itself, it's just something I have found happening quite a lot. Secondly, I think that at £79.99 it is a little pricey. I recently bought my husband a watch that tracks his activity like this does, it doesn't track his posture but it does have a few other features compared to this and it was cheaper. If I found that I was having problems with my posture and wanted to buy one of these Lumo Lifts, it isn't something I have disposable income to use to buy it. One of the main reasons I believe pregnant women have back problems is because of how our sleeping positions have to change as we get bigger. I am comfiest sleeping on my back on a night but at a certain point in pregnancy healthcare professionals advise that we sleep on our sides due to the pressure of the baby on a main artery. As soon as I had to start sleeping on my side all the time, I started with back ache and sciatica. So as much as I think the Lift will help during the day to eliminate bad posture it isn't going to have a massive impact because on a night we can't exactly keep our posture good when we get so uncomfortable. Lastly, it can be a little annoying at times when it's vibrating. If I bought one of these myself I probably wouldn't wear it day in day out, it's not always comfortable to sit with your back straight and your head back when you're having a tea break in front of the TV so at these times the Lift isn't going to work. I think if you suffer with bad posture then the Lumo Lift is a good investment, I wouldn't purchase one just for my pregnancy although it has helped me realise when I do slouch during the day.

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