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Little Spills - Reusable Baby Bibs

Little Spills - Reusable Baby Bibs
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"A disappointing product "

Having three daughters we have been through quite a lot of different bibs over the years but have never had a gimmicky one like this! It is made from a soft cotton and is sufficiently absorbent that it protects the clothes very well. The velcro at the back of the neck is easy to open and close and has not lost its effectiveness through washing. The concept was a little lost on me and I didn't think it was a particularly attractive bib to look at. The washing instructions indicate that it can only be washed in cold water which firstly is not very practical as we don't have anything which is washed in cold water and secondly would not succeed in removing stains. I did point this out to my wife and she explained that that was the whole point of the bib, it was supposed to be stained with your child's masterpiece! I was not very keen on this idea! The bib is priced at £6.00 which for 1 bib is very expensive. Although it is nice quality it does not warrant such a high price tag. Unfortunately it is not a product I would buy as the concept was completely lost on me!

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"Expensive Gimmick"

The bib quality itself is quite good, its soft, not scratchy easily fastened to baby with a velcro fastening however beyond that I wouldn't recommend. Im not one for stained clothes, I throw bibs away that are stained or don't use them in public so the very idea of stain by numbers for me is awful, a gimmick which you'd perhaps buy for a pregnant friend. Its not great to wash and having to basically hand wash with Oxi clean every time isn't ideal.... trying to get the stains out! Its very expensive, for £6 I would expect at the very least 4 bibs. If you're after bibs, even ones with a gimmick, there are nicer cheaper ones out there to choose from.

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"Bit expensive for a bib!"

The bib itself feels lovely and soft and is quite large which is helpful for catching those spills! It did wash up well, even though it says to put it on a cold wash, I put it on at 40 and it didn't affect the quality or print. The designs are quite fun and gimmicky, after all, feeding a baby is quite messy! I did find it expensive though for one bib.

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"not good"

I have been asked to test a little spills baby bit, its a plain white bib with a 'paint by numbers' mona lisa print on the front. The bib has a velcro fastening. The bib retails at £6.00 for 1 bib. It can only be cold machine washed, not a great idea when babies makes such a mess. The bib is packaged on a cardboard cut out baby head, which results in 2 holes being left on the bib, so £6 for a bib with holes in? I would not recommend this one, sorry.

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