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Little Chick Has Lunch on the Moon

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"Inspirational Story"

'Little Chick has Lunch on the Moon' is the first in a series of Little Bird Adventure Books from Alison Delaney. Alison describes the book as the story of her growing up but and how many of us can relate to it. How she had many moments where people doubted her, didn't understand her or her capabilities. Many people tried to steal her dreams by enforcing their own limiting beliefs and personal views of what she should do or who sheI should be. What she has achieved in this book, is to help children believe in themselves and their dreams without limitations through the adventures of a little chick. The story is easy to read and the graphics really help show younger readers what are they are hearing. Alison has a wish "that your children will keep this book and the magic it contains to help them hold onto their dreams. For them to look back at their lives as adults and say “I believed and I did…”" My children love this book - its become a firm favourite and not just at bedtime. We have used the book to as great tool for explaining why its important to dream, and that with work, determination, and self belief we can get wherever we want in life. There is a lovely section at the back, where your children can write / draw their dreams - capturing it for the future. Recommended reading age 0 – 8 years old although the message translates across all age groups.

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"Beautiful story"

Reading the author bio you can sense the love that has gone into producing this book. The story has a real simple rhyme to it, which can be used to help wind child down before bed. It makes for the perfect bed time reading and is also very inspirational. Always follow your dreams!

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"A lovely adaptable read. "

This is a beautiful story which is the start of what could be a highly popular series. It has a nice flow to reading it which makes it suitable for very young children. My boys are 2 1/2 and 10 months. We tried this for the first time before naptime. My eldest loves books and his seal of approval of any book is to ask to "read it again" once finished. He sat very quietly listening to the book, then once finished I received a "read it again, please mummy." This time he wanted to talk about the pictures etc. I like the story and its potential for use with their goals. So if they want to do something which may be a challenge it can be just like 'little chick'.My eldest is starting to role play and use stories to help understand his feelings and this book will be a great addition to his collection. The book has a lovely quality and the pictures are engaging too. My youngest also liked, the story as the flow makes it easy to read along with my animated face!! We will be actively looking out for the rest of the series.

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"Fantastic book!! "

This book is fantastic quality and when I opened it , it was also signed by the author which Was a very nice touch. The first time I read the book I read it to both my girls. They loved it! And made me read it again and again!! Since we received the book I have probably read it at least 3 times a day! And especially before bed! I would definitely recommend the book to friends and family. It's a fantastic book and very easy for children to understand. Pictures are eye catching to,o making it fun and not boring! A big thumbs up for this book and author! Thanks so much !

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"Beautifully written"

This is a beautiful book from start to finish. Before even opening it, I was impressed by the feel of the book.. it had a quality feel to it. The pages were thick and luxurious too. I read the book myself and then to my two youngest, aged 5 and 2. They both loved it. Trying to work out the rhyming words was great fun, especially for my 5 year old, who is in Primary 1, and just starting on sounds and phonetics etc. She also loved the bit at the back about what she wanted to be when she grew up she spent a good couple of hours drawing a picture in the space provided. All in all it is a gorgeous book. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their collection for young readers and even younger children too.

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Well what can I say. I haven't been so impressed by a children's book for a long time. The look and feel of the book feels superior to many others... Thick pages that are not easy to tear and a nice heavy cover. As for the story it's amazing inspirational even for myself leg alone my daughter. I gave thus book a good test out on my own daughter and then I took it to my mums house.. That was the real test. She has 6 foster kids between 6 and 15 who have all had different and difficult hurdles to climb in their lives and it was a huge hit especially the youngest at 6.. It was laid out very similar to books she is doing at school so loved how she could read it herself. I found it a big success with a disabled child she had who had numerous questions about what he could be when he grew up. (I loved that's as it as the future isn't something he talks of often) It is very good value for money in many ways, quality and the message it gives to anyone who reads.

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"Great book for kids"

A lovely book for my children. The girls love the illustrations in this book and the story too. We read every night and this is a favourite..

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"Lovely little book"

I read this book with my 2 year old boy and we both loved it. It was a lovely little story with super illustrations. It was a good length for a wee bedtime story and had a sturdy hardback cover. I'm looking forward to reading it with my youngest boy soon.

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"Inspiring and heart warming"

We have read this book for a whole month every night. My 2 year old boy loves it. The illustrations are beautiful yet simple. The story is heartwarming. Perfect bedtime read for my son. Looking forward to other books by this author.

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"Not very interesting"

My 2 sons didn't enjoy this book at all. I have tried reading it a few times but they are not interested. The pictures are good but it did not appeal to my 2 and 4 year olds at all. The book is well made and good quality but is hard to rate it well when the boys would not engage

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