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"An excellent sling."

I have used the Lifft sling around the house for hands free baby soothing enabling me to get on with other things, as soon as I put my daughter (who is one month old) in the sling and start moving about (as you do when engaging in the joys of housework) she falls asleep and is very happy in there, next to mum. I have also used the sling when going for walks with my three year old daughter, this is brilliant as I am free to hold bags and my daughter's hand. The sling is straight forward to use when you've had a few goes. It has no rings or ties to worry about, you just need to fold it and then place it over your shoulder. There are instructions with the sling which are clear and include photographs. I found putting baby in easier than getting her out of the sling at first but with practice I can position baby in the sling and get her out without thinking about it. An excellent sling, that I couldn't imagine being without now.

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"Best sling i have used "

This is the third sling I have tried and is by far the best. There are no complicated straps or rings to fiddle with, you just fold it put over your shoulder and away you go. I have used it a few times when the whole family have gone for a walk and its great i just put my daughter in and it saves me carting the double buggy.Also when i am trying to cook the dinner and occupy my toddler at teatime and the baby is crying its great for putting her in as she falls straight to sleep and it gives me free hands. It does say you can use it for toddlers but I had no joy with my little boy although he is big for his age so that could be a factor if you were purposely buying it for your toddler then maybe it would not be so good. But for smaller babies I would recommend it

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i went shoppin and instead of having to carefully balence everything on my daughters pushchair, i put her in the lifft sling and put the shopping in the seat of the pushchair, its comfortable no fiddly clips or straps and my daughter loved being up high and looking at the world from a new angle. its by far the best babycarrier/sling iv had so far and the company have made them in various sizes so you will find the perfect fit. i found it quite tricky to put my daughter in the 1st few times, but then it just gets easier as you get used to the sling. i recomend it to everyone

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