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"Really Lovely"

I received this to try out yesterday and I have to say at first I thought "Umm a cd!" but it is so lovely, I put it on today to listen to & nearly started crying it was so nice when they say your babies name in the lullaby. Everytime Lilli heard her name being said she looked up. Have put her to bed listening to it tonight it seems to have settled her. Very Good would make a great gift for a new born baby.

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"Lovely personalised lullaby c.d"

The first time we played this cd we were in the car and Charlie - my 6mth old, was crying. We put the cd on and within a minute Charlie was listening intently, and so were the rest of us! It starts with a personalised introduction for your child. There are 8 tracks and most of these include your child's name. It is lovely to hear lullabys sung specially for your baby Charlie knows his name so when he hears it in the songs he listens. Since getting this cd a few days ago it has sung Charlie to sleep about 4or5 times - I think this is a success! Not only does it relax your child but I found myself wanting to close my eyes too. I would love to buy this as a gift, just have to find someone to buy it for!

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"Fantastic Presents"

I've just bought two of these KidsMusicCDs for my new nephew for Christmas. One of them has traditional childrens songs and the other has lullabies. Harry's name is mentioned more times than I can even begin to count and I know that he's going to love them. I bought his brother Tom the lullabies one when he was little too and it's become a firm bedtime favourite of his. My own kids are way too old now but I would definitely have bought them for them when they were little if only KidsMusicCDs had been around then. Not only are these CDS fab pressies but they're also well worth just buying for the sake of it. Anything that helps at bedtime has got to be good, hasn't it?

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"Better than I imagined"

Got the lullaby CD at the Scottish Baby show for my daughter jenny. I put it on at bedtime for her and everynight she is sleeping before the end. We have also used it a couple of times just before bedtime, while she is having her last bottle to relax her. Her name was mentioned in th introduction and again many times through the songs. Will buy her another one as she gets older. A real pleaseure to listen to.

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