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Kiddicare Tasty Highchair - Planes

Kiddicare Tasty Highchair - Planes
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"Great Value for money"

First off, the delivery for this product was second to none just like it always is when you order something from Kiddicare. Got a notification to let me know when it was on its way and then a text on the day with a hour time slot so no waiting around for it all day. High chair was really easy to assemble and my first impression was I love that it's blue and a bright blue as well it really is a boyish high chair which I really like - most designs are normally white with a blue pattern on them and I have found that they have stained from all the orange baby food babies eat. This is not a issue with this high chair. I also like that it comes with matching blue straps but I dont like the harness system on this high chair at all as it feels far to cheap and I worry a lot about pinching mine or my son's skin together when strapping him in. I mean its not like he sits still anymore when I put him in also one of the straps has unclipped itself in the struggle to get him in and I do worry that this could happen when I'm not watching. My son is also very good now at taking his arms out of the straps. The tray on the high chair is really easy to use and is made of a good easy to clean material although the logo on the front has wiped right off so branding didn't last long. The high chair is easy to fold up to put away but you do have to make sure it's unfolded correctly and the tray is clipped down properly or its not safe. Apart from the harness system I do really like the high chair and I found that my son sits much better in this high chair than other ones where he seems to slouch a lot.

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