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Jumping Joggle Bopper

Jumping Joggle Bopper
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"Good fun"

My kids love this! They don't play with it for hours, but when they get it out, they all sit together nicely and watch it bounce and try to catch it! Fab little stocking filler perhaps? The giggling noise it makes can become a little grating, but the kids like it, adds to the hilarity :) Good buy

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"lots of fun"

I received this the other day, got the batteries in but the on/off switch is located on the inside which is a bit of a pain as this has a lot of vibration. My 4 yr old loves it bopping around and the giggle makes him laugh a lot, has great colours that light up, be very good for children who have sensory problem or even babies to make them giggle. Would recommend this to any parent- will keep their child amused for a while.

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"Good stimulation"

When the product first arrived it was presented well. My first challenge was putting the batteries in one problem I found is to switch the item on and off you have to open the Bopper every time that is one thing I never liked. My disabled son smiled when he saw it bouncing around and saw the lights on but was a bit to powerful for him to to have placed on him I would like to see the vibration dimmed down alittle. My 6 month old loved it to she couldn't keep her eyes off it. The item was built well I thought and for price I would say I would definitely buy one I thought the price was fair. A good buy for children just remember it vibrates strongly but is fun.

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