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JojoMamanBebe Family Sun Tent

JojoMamanBebe Family Sun Tent
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"A great way to protect your children from the sun!"

The sun tent comes neatly folded in a little bag, very easy to carry around, fit into the car etc. It is so easy to erect, you just remove it from the bag and it justs 'pops' up. I couldn't beleive the size of the tent when i got it up, its so roomy, theres plenty of room for the whole family under there! The hard part was trying to fold the tent up to put it away! I spent a very long time with the instructions. In the end i gave up! Luckily it was only in the garden though! After watching the video online it all became clear. Once you know how it is easy to fold down. Overall i think the tent is fab, a really good way to protect your children from the sun!

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"Fantastic sun tent!"

The Jojo Maman Bebe sun tent is brilliant. We have only had it a few weeks and already I don't know how we managed without it! The best thing about the tent is that the bottom is open, there is no built-in groundsheet. It is more like a sun shelter. This makes it extremely versatile. We used it over the top of our paddling pool, so that the girls could play in the shade, and it was great. Most of the time we put a picnic rug inside the tent and the girls are happy to play with their toys in the shade when it's hot and sunny. Because the tent is big and open, and you still have the grass around you, it doesn't feel like you are shut away in a tent. It feels very open and the zip door at the back means that the wind can still blow through the tent keeping it cool. Although it's quite airy the protection is great and it's very reassuring that the tent is UPF 50+. On hot days I kept my 13 month old daughter in the tent and didn't use any sun protection on her at all as I was happy that she was protected by the tent. The tent comes very neatly folded in its own carry bag. When folded it's quite big, but there is a useful carry handle so it is very easy to carry around. Putting the tent up is easy - it comes with printed instructions but we didn't need these. Once the tent is unfolded slightly it 'pops-up' on its own. There are four large pockets on the ends of the tent which can be filled with sand/stones to keep the tent in place. There are also pegs which can be used. We used some large stones which we had in the garden and they kept the tent perfectly in place, even when we had the tent up on a very windy day. Taking the tent down again was slightly more difficult and we found it hard to work out what we were supposed to do from the printed instructions. However there is a very useful video on the Jojo Maman Bebe website showing how to fold the tent up. After watching that it was easy! I recommend watching the video and trying the tent in the garden before you take it anywhere on holiday! We now use the tent every time we are in the garden on sunny days. The tent offers lots of privacy so I can change my daughter's nappy in the tent without feeling overlooked and there is so much headroom that breastfeeding is easy. There is plenty of space inside the tent. I sat in the tent with both my daughters and all their toys and there was still plenty of room. We are going on holiday in a few weeks time and I know this will be perfect for the beach as I will be able to change and feed my daughter in complete privacy, and there is enough room for us all to eat a picnic lunch in there if we need some shade. (I will post an updated review after we have used the tent on the beach.) The sun tent costs £45 which I think is great value as we use ours all the time. It's also very well-made so I know it will last us for many years to come. It's great for small children as they think it's wonderful to play inside (my daughter spends ages arranging things inside her 'play-tent'!) so it's easy to keep them safe from the sun. I would definitely recommend this tent - it's wonderful.

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