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Jellystone Necklace

Jellystone Necklace
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Jellystone Designs are available from Slumber-Roo Ltd


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"Too chunky for us "

When I first saw a picture of the Jellystone necklace I assumed that I wouldn't like it. From pictures it looks very chunky and too much like costume jewellery. However when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. I have the red necklace and found it to be a lot better looking in real life than from pictures. Therefore I would recommend having an actual look and feel of this item. It's quite pretty on and is a real statement piece. My son is almost 7 months and it's taken until now to be able to use this necklace as he never had any interest before. He loves to pull at it during his feeds and it has saved my hair being pulled out many times! The pebbles are quite large though, so he doesn't like to chew on it much. I think one of the smaller beaded necklaces would be better for this. The pebbles are smooth and soft and make a great play toy under supervision. Personally I wouldn't be rushing out to buy one, however I am now going to be looking into the smaller versions ☺ x

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"Great for babies "

I was given a Jellystone necklace in eggplant x and straight away my little boy was fascinated by it.. However my little boy is prem and couldnt quite know how what his hands were for but now he loves to fiddle and play with it.. It's quite chunky and I didn't think it would be something I would wear.. but I was wrong

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"great for teething toots"

I received a Jellystone necklace in eggplant. When i first saw it I did not think i would be wearing it too much, as it certainly did not seem like the type of jewelry that i would ever choose for myself ..how wrong was i !!! I put it on that first day and it has barely been off since. My daughter just loves it, she touches it, holds it and chews on it and i was pleasantly surprised that the eggplant color (dark purple) actually goes with lots of my clothing.The only problem i have had is with the clasp , it pulls off easily which is a bit of a problem while dealing with a baby/toddler as sometimes they don't want to give it back :)

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"Good product but could be great"

I have this necklace in stormy grey. Thought this may be a bit ugly to wear out all day but found it a nice addition. my boy straight away grabbed at it and started gnawing on it. He is in the stages of getting his top 2 teeth so it seems to be offering some relief. Big fault is in the safety fasten, my boy regularly pulls at it and it tasks no strength to take off - a little hard to get back on when I am feeding or carrying him around. Could do with a stronger fasten. I have read other reviews that seem to have the same views. my boy loves playing with it sitting on the floor (supervised of course). Overall a good product for its purpose and keeps the baby happy which is all that matters :)

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"great product"

I received this necklace in eggplant a few weeks ago. I love the colour and the feel of the necklace. It is chunkier than I would normally wear but looks great on with certain outfits. My baby loves it she grabs anything she can currently so this is fab. She loves to chew on it and so far I am yet to have many problems with it apart from she tugs very hard and it comes off a lot of the time. I get fed up of putting it back on so give it to her with my watch in her at all times. I still however think the catch on the back is a great idea. Large costume jewellery is currently the trend and they do look good however I would not wear this normally. I would pay max £15 for an item like this. It is a good quality product with the right idea

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love this necklace, so does my son. looks lovely too

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"interesting concept"

I have been wearing the Jellystone necklace for a week now. My son has enjoyed pulling at it which has been fun for him but has been a bit of hassle to keep re clipping it on when it has fallen. I think the idea behind it is good but my little boy has been more interested in his teething toys rather then chewing the necklace. I would also be reluctant to encourage him to chew/pull on a necklace.

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"i really like this"

I received the grey jellystone necklace and its quite chunky as a necklace for me however it is the perfect size for my teething baby boy. He loves to grab it and put it straight in his mouth, it's BPA free so no need to worry about them biting it, very easy to clean and sterilise and the silicone beads can be easily removed to do this if required, I would suggest a neutral colour as some of them are quite out there but the grey one was suitable for me. Personally i would have preferred a longer necklace as i was always being pulled down for baby to chew on the necklace and if it had been a bit longer this would not have been the case. I think a reasonable price for this product would be £12-£15 as a teether .

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"Would definately recommend to a friend."

This product is three in one: its great for my teething baby, its great to dress up a boring top & its a toy for my toddler! The necklace has a nice feel to it. Each bead is knotted either side making it perfectly safe for babies; if it snapped there would only be one loose bead as opposed to beads everywhere! The silicone beads are soft and are perfect for teething babies & toddlers. I am breastfeeding my daughter, having the necklace on has given her something to play with while feeding instead of pulling at my skin! My necklace is blue so clashes with some tops, so i would recommend either a black one or a white one, that way it can be worn everyday. It is easily washed and VPA free, what more could you want xx

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