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iTaggy Softie Toys

iTaggy Softie Toys
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"Lovely gift"

iTaggy Monster - I gave the iTaggy to my 7 month old son and he was mesmerised by the bright blue colour of the fleece and the two big eyes on the 'monster'! It's smaller than I was expecting but it's the perfect size for little hands. My son loved the tags and has spent a long time chewing on them. Him and my nephew were even fighting over it on one occasion! It's great to see a product made in the UK and the quality is excellent, which is so important when your baby has it in their mouth a lot! The colour of the fleece is lovely and bright and the different ribbons really make it stand out. The plastic ring allows for easy attachment to a pram although I found if my son was just playing with it in the house it had a tendency to fall off. I think this is the sort of thing I would buy as a gift, for something a bit different. I would definitely pay the recommend retail price as I think the quality is worth it. Overall it's a lovely quirky, good quality toy.

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"Lovely gift / keepsake "

itaggy softie sunshine toy - My first impressions of this gorgeous little toy were that its bright and colourful and the material is of a lovely soft fleece. I gave the itaggy to my daughter who is 9months and she instantly took a liking to it, she started waving the itaggy around, started smiling at the smily face and started trying to grasp the bright different coloured tags. This I liked as it was helping my daughter develop her motor skills. The itaggy came with a link so we could attach the itaggy to her pram and carseat when we were out and about. It also came in a little gift bag with a care card. I love the fact that the itaggy is made in the uk and that other products from itaggy can be personalised, that's perfect for a gift / keepsake for any little one. If I could make a suggestion it would be maybe if the itaggy could have a bell or squeaker inside? Over all I found the quality and the price (£7.99) great value for money and I'd definitely recommend or buy as a gift for a little one. The itaggy softie sunshine comes in different colours and is available from http://www.itaggy.com Itaggy are on twitter and Facebook so go check them out.

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My daughter who is 5 months old will usually throw any toy on to the floor and replace it with her thumb (or whole fist). Not this time. The Itaggy won!!! I am so pleased she has something that she is really interested in playing with for a long period of time. It is the perfect size for her little fingers and mouth and the tags are just the right size too. They are not long enough for her to take in too far, but are the perfect size for to suck at or chew. Within the first few minutes of grabbing hold of this, she had soaked each and every tag and the poor things little face. The toy itself is really well made and I am more than confident that I could leave Lilly alone with it. The colours are bright and grabbed her attention straight away. I am very tempted to take a look at the rest of the range. They are the perfect toy. When I asked her 2 year old cousin what she thought of it, she said "I think it's beautiful". Not sure what else I can say to make sure I get across how much I love this toy. Clare who is the wonderful creator of these gorgeous toys is such a lovely lady too. She is an absolute pleasure to do business with.It comes with a handy clip too so that it can never be lost. It can be attached to the pram or to a bag or anything really.

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