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"Fabulous Product"

This microfibre hooded bath towel is so soft on my baby's skin. It absorbs the water so much quicker than any other towels i have previously used. I really was very surprised how quickly the water was absorbed. Fantastic value for money and such a lovely looking product. I will defintely buy this product in the future.

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"impressive stuff "

I am a self confessed microfibre cloth addict!!! I have tonnes of them so was chuffed to find out i was getting a really big one lol. To be honest i expected it to be a bit rough for baby skin but it is soooo soft and "cuddley", it really did absorb water brilliantly and washed beautifully too. I would highly recommend them to everyone as they do exactly what they say they do.xxxx

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"Does what it says!"

If you've ever wished for a better way of drying your baby after a bath then it does what it says in that it dries baby quickly. The downsides are that it takes longer to dry (once wet) than normal towels and microfibre doesn't work as well if you use fabric softner in the wash, which I always do, so it would mean washing it seperately, or not using softner. On the plus though it was very soft. More of a luxury item than a necessity I think, but once your baby grows out of it just imagine what you can do with a giant micrfibre cloth! So it has a fairly long shelf life unlike many other 'luxury' baby items.

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"washed great"

just wanted to add I've now used the towel half a dozen times and it really has washed beautifully.xxxx

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"Brilliant Product"

This product is amazing. I was a bit dubious when the description said all I had to do was 'hug' my son to dry him, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. The material was lovely and soft on my son's skin and kept him warm after his baths. It is great value for money and will consider buying more of these towels.

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"Quick drying"

I've been using the hug me bath towel now for a few weeks although my son is now getting too big for it. The downside I would say about this is it's size. My baby has just turned 6 months and he isn't large for his age and I have found that the towel doesn't sufficiently cover him as well as another one I have. On a positive note, it is very quick to dry baby which is very important as you don't want to get them dry and warm asap. We did notice however that as it absorbs the water so quickly it in turn passed on the wetness to us more so than other towels. It does wash up lovely and doesn't take a long time to dry.

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i am soooooooo pleased with this amazing product. and would reccomend it to anyone.

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"Does what it says on the tin!!"

Well as my title says the towel does what it says. To bath a small baby is a daunting task for me. My baby daughter really does not like bathtime!! She screams the whole time & when you get her out all she wants is a cuddle. This was always a problem as you have to dry them & so the screaming continues!! Leaving me feeling terrible. But with the hug me towel i can now just cuddle her dry & the screaming stops whahoooooo & both her i are happy. Fantastic.

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"quick and easy"

i used my hug me towel when bathing my youngest little boy usually i have to rub him dry and get in all of his creases so he doesnt get sore but with using the hug me towel i was amazed exactly how absorbant it was leaving my son dry but also not leaving the towel soaking wet, the material is lovely and soft and i would reccomend it to my other mummy friends.

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