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Hipp Organic Stage 2 Baby Foods

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I use a mixture of home cooked food and jars. I like the convienice of jars if we are eating out or on my working days. Erin really enjoyed the jars we trailed - especially the wholesome pots. I liked the fact that they were organic meaning that she was getting the best available. secondly I really liked that the pots were really convient as you could warm it up and eat it straight out of the pot - rather than using a jar. This to me is the idea of using pots. I use them when i'm in a rush or out and about. however in the past I have then not been able to reach the bottom of jars with the spoon, etc.. You dont have this issue with pots. Erin seemed to like the flavours as she ate all that was put in front of her. I will buy these in the future.

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"Good value"

We tried many of the products but hadn't tried the 7month jars until recently. We tried the following: Rice Pudding & Pear: This went down a treat and I cannot rave about this enough and will definately be buying this again. Breakfast Duet, Tropical muesli with yogurt: She enjoyed this but got a bit confused by the texture however she still ate 3/4s of the jar. Roasted veg cous cous: She hated this but it had nothing to do with the brand, my little girl detests cous cous even when homemade. Apple & Banana puree: This was amazing as it's got little bits of Apple through it so it's much thicker and it's good for little ones who are needing something more substantial than smooth puree. My daughter enjoyed it although had a look of confusion when she realised she needed to chew. I'd definately by all of the above except for cous cous as that just gets thrown at me.

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"ok for some"

We tried my daughter on the stage 2 hipp food but unfortunately found that she would gag and vomit and would refuse to eat anymore. So i passed the food over to a close friend whose child was starting on stage 2 foods and asked her to get back to me. She was impressed with the jars but wouldn't buy the apple medleys as they made her little boy choke and vomit due to the apple pieces being too big and too hard.So may be more suited to an older baby.Also i found the flavours to be creative and the fact that they are organic is a bonus.

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