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HiPP Organic Snacks

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"Exelant taste, even i eat them!"

So the hipp arganic snacks-Whats there to say ? First of all they taste amazing!! me and my daughter both snack on these! Theres a lot of variaty in the differnt flavors, and the elephant biscuts are grate if your little one is teathing (Although this is not there purpose) I will defaantly be buying more of these for my little one because there a lot helther then crisps and other genral snacky things.

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"A great, healthy snack "

It is often difficult to find snacks for your baby/toddler which are healthy as well as tasty and do not take ages to prepare. HIPP Organic have a great range of healthy snacks which are perfect for toddlers on the go. Our favourite snack is currently HIPP's Little Nibbles biscuits, these are organic apple biscuits in the shape of cute elephants and they have been a huge hit in our house. The biscuits are approximately 2 inches in length which is the perfect size for little hands to hold. As with all HIPP snacks, they have no added sugar, milk products or artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives so you can be confident that the snack is really healthy for your child. My little girl absolutely loves these biscuits and I am happy in the knowledge that she is eating something healthy. My older daughters love them too and they are great to pop into lunch bags for a snack at school. Although they are intended for children aged 12 months to 3 years they are a snack which our whole family enjoys. Coming in a very close second is the HIPP Little Nibbles Organic Carrot & Pumpkin Rice Cakes. These are a more savoury snack but with the slight sweetness of a carrot. They are suitable from 7 months onwards and are a great first snack. Measuring approximately 1.5inches round they are the perfect size to hold and unlike a lot of rice cakes they don't seem to come apart in great big chunks. They are an appealing orange colour which is 100% natural ingredients and I'm pleased to say doesn't stain clothes. They are a nice alternative to the sweet biscuits and a lovely new texture for your baby to explore. It is another favourite snack which all our family enjoy. The Little Nibbles Organic Squiggly Corn Puffs were not so popular with my daughter. They are a creamy colour and are rather bland in taste and she wasn't very impressed with them at all. They are quite dry and really lacked any flavour at all. Not one of HIPP's greatest snacks. Overall the HIPP Little Nibbles snacks were great and I will always have a stock of them in my cupboards. They are quite expensive but knowing that the snack is healthy I don't mind paying a little bit extra. They have been very well received in my house and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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"bit hit and miss"

my 2yr old daughter loved the hipp organic elephant biscuits and also the rice cakes but she wasnt so keen with the natural nibbles my 10mth old son on the other hand loved the natural nibbles and hated the rice cakes i didnt try him with the biscuits though as they are 12mth+ so he will have to wait a little longer to test those out.

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