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HiPP Organic Mini Pots

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"Minimal Wastage"

The HIPP mini pots are a fantastic idea for mothers starting the weaning process as the small pots avoid wastage which is important in our family for the environment as much as saving money. My little girl (8 months) is a complete yoghurt fiend and these fruit pots contain yoghurt so such gulps them down with joy. The other benefit of the smaller pot is she can eat fruit and yoghurt after her meal giving me reassurance that she is eating well. We keep one of these pots with us whenever we go out because we can be sure that she eats healthily in-between meals and they go down with no fuss in public!!

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My little boy is 8 months old so pass the weaning stage but these were brilliant, he enjoyed them after dinner or for breakfast. In fact we mixed it with his porridge most days, he loves it. The pots are the right size for a pudding or for mixing with other foods, I even had a little taste and they tasted really good. We made sure we always put a pot in his bag when we was going out. I will be buying these again

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"ideal sized snacks"

unfortunately i could not try the new hipp organic mini pots on my son as he is lactose intolerant and has to have a gluten free diet for his first year but as i have friends with babies the same age i took them for their children to try and they were very impressed with the product and asked if i had anymore for them lol. there children seemed to love them and they were an ideal sized snack after there dinner or tea, they thought the packaging was very appealing and like the fact that they came in two different flavours. they said they will be buying them for their children aged 5 months after trying them.

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When i saw these I was a little torn as they are small, however I do really like them. They are good for my little girl as she sometimes won't eat a full dessert if she's had a lot of dinner so these are just enough for a little bit of sweetness for the meal, then if she decided she doesn't want to eat it, it doesn't seem so much of a waste compared to the bigger pots that you can get. She did actually eat all of it every time, so I'm assuming she liked them. I also wanted to try her with some yogurt without giving her a full yogurt so these are good for just getting the taste of it. I would definitely recommend these and will be buying them again.

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"great for weaning "

we started weaning our son when he was just on 5 months and these pots were great to start off with. they are just big enough to give as a a lunch time snack and my son loved them. we actually went out to buy some more and as our sons appetite grew we added mashed banana, rusk or rice to it to make it a bigger portion. i found that these were very handy for popping into the changing baby to take out with us and was able to give it to him anywhere. i would highly reccomend these as a first weaning food to any parent

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